Reviewers Liked

  • Clear, crisp reading experience, Social functionality, Portability
  • Facile touchscreen interface, Easytohold thanks to light weight and texture, Great software design
  • The 2011 Nook is a compact and lightweight e-book reader with a responsive high-contrast Pearl e-ink touch screen that offers quick page turns. It's got built-in Wi-Fi for direct access to the online Barnes & Noble store, an expansion slot for additio
  • Hardware is excellent quality.-B&N ebookstore offers a huge selection.-Special in-store offers

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Somewhat buggy software, Touchscreen less than ideal for nonreading interaction, No 3G option
  • Physical buttons are stiff and too hard to press
  • The 2011 Nook has no support for audio, no 3G option, and no Web browser. The rubberized finish on the back of device attracts fingerprints
  • Web browser is a pain.-Menu navigation takes several clicks. This post was written by: Carly Z - who has written 472 posts on Gear Diary. Carly has been a gadget fiend for a long time, going back to her first PDA (a Palm M100). She