Reviewers Liked

  • Comparitively Inexpensive, Excellent Audio Quality, Allows Lossless Streaming of Audio over Bluetooth
  • Excellent sound quality, HDMI output, Battery life
  • Inexpensive. Good media apps. HDMI output to TV. Easy connection to wireless speakers
  • XFi and aptX audio for superior sound quality, Lots of free applications currently available, microsSDHC slot to add up to a 32GB card, Supports FLAC audio format (bettersounding than CD!)

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Terrible Resistive Touchscreen, Lowres Dull Display, Only FrontFacing Camera, Subpar Browsing Experience, No Localization Efforts
  • Resistive screen with low resolution and washedup colors, No Arabic
  • Hard-to-use, low-quality display. Runs a version of Android not optimized for tablets
  • Short battery life and slow charging over USB, No support for DRMprotected content, Frequent glitches, hiccups and error messages