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Disgo Tablet 8104

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Expert reviews and ratings

By laptops.co.uk on 40

£150 for a tablet? That sounds ridiculously cheap for a 10-inch tablet but you get what you pay for and you get your dollars worth. Design Do not expect anything ground breaking or too eye catching. The Disgo 8104 looks like most other tablets on...

By Trusted Reviews on 50

The Disgo Tablet 8104 is a low quality device which aims to succeed on price alone. Build materials, screen response and performance are all substandard and the strange decision to remove the Google Play backfires as the company provides less than 20...

By IT Pro Portal on 50

Disgo has had to make some very tough decisions to get its Tablet 8104 in at its very low price. It has used a capable processor and even managed to build HDMI into the mix. But the screen is poor, the build quality iffy, and the screen, that all...

By Wired UK on 50

It's cheap, and mostly does what Android tablets should do -- and at least it comes with Ice Cream Sandwich. But it's slow, the screen's lack of sensitivity means it's frustrating to use and it feels cheap. It's a good price, but then again, the 16GB...

By 3G UK on 60

The Disgo 8104 really impresses at this price – offering Ice Cream sandwich, a good screen and a decent web browsing experience. But the lack of access to Google Play is a big letdown for anyone who wants to play around with apps. If you’re happy to...

By Alphr on 50

Incredibly cheap for a 10in Android 4 tablet, but it's slow, immensely frustrating and has a very poor...

By phonesreview.co.uk on

UPDATE: Since we have reviewed this tablet we have learned that the product may be a faulty one, the company is sending us out another one so that we can review again. We have mentioned about the touchscreen being unresponsive and this review will be...

By evogadget.com on

But if we are to perfectly honest – not that we haven't been so far -, the latest Disgo Tablet 8104 is not going to stick with you. Even if its price is very good. Because that alone does not excuse this gadget from being poor. Its build, the response...