Reviewers Liked

  • Support for commercial titles (ePub), Lots of font options, Cool, lightweight design
  • Colourful creation. Simple menu system. Large internal memory. Fast page-refresh rate
  • Candy colors. Initial cost of admission cheaper than competitors. Support for open formats. Battery life is good for a fortnight
  • Least-expensive e-book reader weve seen; PDF support; eight color options; dedicated screen-rotation button
  • Small and light. Inexpensive. Can read free books from online sources. Available in eight colors. Supports multiple languages in menus
  • Excellent format, available in a choice of eight colours

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • No dictionary, Navigation/pageturn button is annoyingly stiff, Requires special 2.5mm headphone jack
  • Badly designed buttons. Poor navigation
  • Flimsy buttons. Plastickyconstruction. Overpriced ebook store. Tacky user interfaced. No autosleep mode. No WiFi. No access to newspapers, blogs or magazines
  • Feels noticeably less solid than other readers; derivative design; no keyboard for notes and searching
  • Slow to load. Stiff, cheap-feeling physical controls. Clunky, unintuitive interface. Requires Internet-connected PC for buying books, or adding them to or deleting them from your library