Reviewers Liked

  • Contains wealth of Wikipedia content, plus quote database, a dictionary, and e-book library; fast to boot; MicroSD card slot
  • Simple to use. The entire Wikipedia in the palm of your hand. You can read books like The Count of Monte Cristo on it for free
  • Take Wikipedia with you anywhere; fast; easytouse touch screen; long battery life
  • Massive, crowdsourced encyclopedia in a portable package. Simple search interface. Requires no internet connection. No monthly fees. Runs for months on two AAA batteries
  • Wikipedia in your pocket, Touchscreen, Random topic, Free updates via download

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Pricey; no Net access; some articles truncated; touch display hard to read, navigate; no tools for bookmarking; content updates kludgy
  • Too many torrent files to download for updates. Screen is also hard to read in low light situations. Pointless if you have a smartphone
  • No illustrations; no backlight; highly reflective glass screen
  • Dim, lowcontrast screen. No graphics in encyclopedia entries. No easy way to jump from heading to heading within articles. Updating requires a subscription, or a microSD card reader
  • No way to bookmark topics, All text, no images, No backlight, Only available in an English language version