Reviewers Liked

  • Cheaper than Kindle, NOOK; touch interface; NOOKbook Store support; reads ePub, PDFs; Web browser; MicroSD slot
  • Display has good color depth, Lightweight, attractive design
  • Attractive home screen UI. Android OS means it doubles as a low-cost tablet computer
  • Tied into Barnes & Noble's e-bookstore
  • Access to Barnes & Noble ebook store, Nice size for a ereader / tablet, Decent for visiting websites
  • E-book reader with color touch screen; built-in Wi-Fi; access to Barnes & Noble eBook store; SD expansion slot for additional memory; Web browser and e-mail capabilities; displays images and some video formats; support for audio and MP3 playback
  • Hardware: Simple! Only 2 buttons and a power slider, Software: Use your Barnes & Nobles account to access free books and samples from B&N online directly, Pretty good EPUB & PDF Reader
  • The full color touchscreen brings reading to life on the Novel

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Extra features of limited value; lesser display quality than Kindle, NOOK; purchasing titles takes patience
  • Resistive touchscreen not very responsive, Sluggish performance, Page turns slower than some e-Ink eReaders, Mediocre multimedia playback, Can't sideload apps
  • Dim, fuzzy, extremely stubborn touch screen. Sluggish, obtuse user interface. Buggy, despite a recent firmware update
  • Heavy to hold, Abysmal screen quality
  • Sluggish performance, Crappy resistive touchscreen, Interface not all that intuitive
  • Resistive touch-screen is problematic; extremely sluggish performance; interface could be more intuitive; overall user experience could be better
  • Hardware: Limited buttons means less compatibility for Android applications. (though not impossible), Software: Crude Built-in Organizer apps, Not currently able to access the Google Android Market for different readers/apps
  • A short battery life could cut your time reading