Reviewers Liked

  • Great at multitasking applications, Great basic setup with a selection of apps for beginners, Multipurpose with Windows environment
  • Battery life comparable to an ARMbased tablet, USB port and software drivers allow hooking up any peripheral, S Pen functionality
  • Good input devices keyboard dock, Many interfaces, also via dock, Long battery life even with dock, Silent operation, Low waste heat, Bright screen, Good contrast
  • Good battery life, bright and colorful touchscreen, has a digital Wacom pen, relatively light, can run X86 Windows 7 apps

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Only 35GB of free space available, Limited apps in MS Stores, Keyboard layout prone to typos with shift and forward slash key
  • Expensive, Intel Atom processor is only for light Windows programs, No extra battery in the keyboard dock
  • Not much power for Windows users, No gaming power, Annoying brightness sensor, Loud touchpad buttons, Slow and too small flash memory
  • Slow, especially given the price bracket. Keyboard dock connection flaky