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Expert reviews and ratings

By DigitalVersus on 60

IPS is as IPS does. The LG LA690V has faithful colours and great 3D image quality, but it has such low contrast and response times that how we could we possibly give it more than three...

By reviewed.com on 48

The 55-inch LA6900 retails for about $2000, though you could likely find it for less online. That said, I really don't recommend purchasing this TV unless you find it at a serious discount. I had high hopes for this LG, but its core performance just...

By CNET UK on 70

LG's 42LA690 is an attractive TV that delivers good picture performance with HD sources and also is also an impressive performer in terms of sound quality. It's a shame, however, its standard definition pictures aren't better and that it doesn't...

By PC Advisor on 60

Proof that that you no longer have to dig deep to own the latest TV tech, the 42-inch LG 42LA690V offers internet TV, 3D and seamless smartphone integration, for just £899. See all digital home reviews . Throw impressive build quality into the mix, and...

By T3 Magazine on 80

It seems inevitable that anyone looking for an affordable Freeview HD Internet-enabled LED thinscreen will end up shortlisting the LG LA690V. This slick LED LCD TV ticks all the right boxes and won't break the bank. It's also available as the 47-inch LG...

By LCD TV Buying Guide on 85

The 55LA6900 is the 2013/2014 model to replace the well-selling 55LM6700 from last year. There have been a number of upgraded and enhanced Smart TV functions that really improve the overall experience. The Cinema 3D and Cinema Screen design we thought were so strong in the previous model...

International Review By Les Numériques on 60

Le LG 55LA690S est un téléviseur dans la lignée des autres technologies IPS. Même s'il affiche une bonne colorimétrie et un rendu 3D excellent, les lacunes de l'IPS en contraste (640:1) et en réactivité ne lui permettent pas de prétendre à une note de...

International Review By Tweakers on 100

Verhuisd en de oude Sony projectie TV met een doorsnee van 1,55m paste niet meer. Een nieuwe TV moest een LCD worden, maar welke. Veel reviews gelezen en dacht voor een 6000 serie...

International Review By vido.com.ua on

Благодаря инновационному дизайну и новой поворачивающейся подставке LG LA690V украсит любой интерьер. А доступность этой модели просто не оставляет выбора...

International Review By 3dmaniak.pl on

LG 47LA690S to jeden z najnowszych telewizorów trójwymiarowych, który robi furorę w związku z nową promocją LG, w której przy jego zakupie otrzymamy za darmo konsolę Xbox . Postanowiłem mu się przyjrzeć z bliska w aspekcie najważniejszych kryteriów....