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By Pocket-lint on 100

The Panasonic ZT65 is the gold standard of TV. We doubt we'll see a better plasma than the P60ZT65 any time soon, if ever again. It has everything going for it: beautiful design, stunning picture quality, and a really usable and well...

By What Hi-Fi? on 80

Overall, though, the ZT65 is a hugely accomplished TV. But is it ‘beyond reference' standard? Well, if you accept the argument that says Pioneer's Kuro remains the plasma ‘reference' device, then the Panasonic is both ‘beyond' (thanks to its facility...

By Home Cinema Choice on 100

The Panasonic TX-P60ZT65 casts a longer shadow than its slender frame might suggest. It is, says it creators, the final word in plasma panel development. The most advanced PDP design to roll off Panasonic's production line, albeit in limited quantities,...

By Expert Reviews on 100

Simply the best plasma TV available today; it’s expensive, but its picture quality is second to none...

By CNET UK on 80

The ZT65 is primarily designed to produce the best picture quality ever seen on a 1080p TV -- and the good news is it succeeds. It has some weaknesses in other areas, but if it's ultimate picture quality you're after, it delivers in...

By TechRadar AU on 100

Best TVs to buy Best 32-inch TVs Best 37-inch TVs Best 40 and 42-inch TVs Best 46 and 47-inch TVs Best 50-inch TVs Best 60-inch TVs The Panasonic TX-P60ZT65 is so uncompromising it almost feels like Panasonic getting mad - mad at the way people keep...

By T3 Magazine on 100

The Panasonic TX-P60ZT65 is literally the last word in plasma panel technology. Panasonic says it simply can't make a better panel, and has consequently pulled the plug on further R&D. Only available in limited quantities, this 60in glass and metal...

By Trusted Reviews on 100

What is the Panasonic TX-P60ZT65B? The P60ZT65B is a 60-inch TV expressly designed by Panasonic to be quite possibly the last word (and last stand?) plasma TV picture quality. At its heart is a new Studio Master Panel that uses special manufacturing...

By on 100

It came as something of a surprise when Panasonic announced at this year's CES that the VT65 would not be the flagship model in 2013. Finally after years of asking Panasonic would be releasing the ZT65, a true enthusiast's TV that promised to go “Beyond...

By HDTV Reviews on

The Viera ZT65 (known in other, non-UK countries simply as the ZT60) is an unusual product for Panasonic to make. It might not be apparent in an era where the company is being undercut in price by its two major Korean rivals, but Matsushita Electric's...