Editors Liked

  • Smart TV Capability, Smooth Video Playback, Deep Black Levels, Attractive, QWERTY Keyboard Remote
  • Superb color accuracy, Excellent black levels and brightness, Built-in Wi-Fi, Thin and light (for a plasma), Bluetooth QWERTY remote
  • The PN59D8000 is a 3DTV, and it supports 2Dto3D conversion, Samsung's robust Smart Hub platform is available, with a host of videoondemand, musicondemand, socialnetworking, and other services. Skype and DLNA media streaming are also supported, The PN5
  • Slick design with a thin panel, Superb picture quality with excellent shadow detail, Includes 3D support, built-in Wi-Fi, and a wide selection of services and apps, Useful remote with a QWERTY keyboard and both IR and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Terrific overall picture quality, Excellent color performance, Internet streaming with builtin WiFi, 3D works better than ever
  • Very thin design, Excellent blacklevels, Very good image quality, QWERTY keyboard on remote
  • The Samsung PND8000 series has outstanding overall picture quality, with excellent black-level performance, and the most accurate color of any TV we've ever reviewed. It can handle bright rooms well and exhibits the nearly perfect screen uniformity of

Editors Didn't Like

  • Expensive, Base is too Unstable
  • Some motion artifacts, Unattractive stand, No Amazon Instant Video app
  • The package only includes one pair of 3D glasses. Activeshutter 3D glasses are generally more expensive than passive glasses, although Samsung does offer glasses for only $30, Plasma TVs generally aren't as bright as LCDs, which is a concern with acti
  • Expensive, Not energy efficient
  • Expensive, Blacks a touch lighter than some competing TVs, Not the best TV for a welllit room, Streaming media interface too crowded
  • The relatively expensive PND8000 cannot produce full shadow detail or proper 1080p/24 cadence without sacrificing some black-level performance. Smart Hub lacks Amazon Instant, its search is next to useless, and its interface can be cluttered and confus