Editors Liked

  • Overall very nice picture
  • Decent sound
  • Very easy to setup
  • First Vizio models to include 120Hz technology to effectively reduce motion blur
  • The Smooth Motion dejudder technology has multiple setup options to tailor the effect to your liking
  • Plenty of HDcapable video connections
  • Delivers an outstanding picture at a reasonable price
  • Customizable settings for most aspects of audio and video

Editors Didn't Like

  • Noticeable tearing at times
  • Not enough inputs really
  • Everything can look live live TV, not a good thing at times
  • Remote doesn't work all of the time for some reason
  • Crowded input area
  • The TVs viewing angle and black level are only average
  • The SV470XVT does not offer digital media ports like USB or Ethernet
  • The look of the 24fps/120Hz "Smooth Motion" interpolation is not for everyone
  • One of the most frustratingly temperamental remotes Ive ever used
  • Two rear HDMI ports difficult to see/reach, and two on the side