Fairchild Semiconductor
Moore Noyce Electronics
Texas Instruments
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Correct Answer: Fairchild Semiconductor

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By late 1967, Fairchild Semiconductor had become a shadow of its former self amid budget cuts and key personnel departures. Over fifty new companies would trace their origins from the breakup of Fairchild's workforce and none achieved as much as the new Intel Corporation in such a short span.

The ease with which Intel was brought into existence was in large part due to the stature of Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore -- Noyce being largely credited with the co-invention of the integrated circuit along with Texas Instrument's Jack Kilby, and Moore being a co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor and the originator of Moore's law.

'Moore Noyce Electronics' is what the pair called their new company when filing its initial paperwork, but soon abandoned the name in favor of Intel, which they bought off a motel company in the Midwest.

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