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By Amateur Photographer on 86

Anyone who has used a camera in Ricohs GR series will know that they really are a photographers camera. The many different custom settings make the camera operate as the user intends, and all shooting features are easily accessed. The basic design and...

By TechRadar AU on 100

Buying Guide Best compact camera As with the Nikon Coolpix A, when you first pick up the Ricoh GR you have to remind yourself that it has an APS-C format sensor like many DSLRs and compact system cameras. It is delightfully small and neat for a camera...

By Steves Digicams on

The Ricoh GR is a compact, high performance, fixed-lens digicam with a 16-megapixel APS-C sized CMOS image sensor that has been designed without an optical low-pass filter for optimum resolution and color accuracy. With an f/2.8 maximum aperture, this...

By Gizmodo on

SExpandIts affordable, its lightweight, its durable and has a fast lens with some serious imaging innards. If youre looking for a good camera to take with you on trips or carry around with you all day this is what you’re looking for. If youre a...

By on

Hands-on Ricoh GR review: the latest addition to the Ricoh GR range brings a new, large APS-C sensor to a smaller body and embraces some of the qualities that Ricoh's 35mm film compact cameras so popular. Find out our first impressions in this hands-on...

International Review By on 80

The Ricoh GR does pack impressive specs, but better than that is the fact that it actually performs just as well. The 3-inch 1.23 million dot screen is absolutely gorgeous even when looking at it under the mid-day sun. The build of the camera is...

International Review By on 84

โดย @eka-xผมเริ่มต้นถ่ายรูปจริงจังมาตั้งแต่สมัยเรียนประมาณช่วงปี 2003-2004 นะครับ ก็เป็นยุคเริ่มต้นของกล้อง DSLR หลังจาก Canon ส่ง EOS 300D กล้องตัวแรกที่ราคาต่ำกว่า $1000 ตลาดกล้อง DSLR สำหรับผู้เริ่มต้นก็บูมขึ้นมา จน Nikon ส่ง D70 ออกมาสู้...

International Review By on

Dua bahan yang sangat paling banyak dipakai untuk membuat kamera adalah plastik dan magnesium alloy warna hitam dan merah. Namun bagaimana jika ada sebuah kamera modern yang dirancang menggunakan motif kayu? Ricoh GR Limited Edition adalah yang kami...

International Review By on

說到 RICOH GRD 系列,我想應該很少人不知道這台相機,直覺的操作感、輕巧手感佳的機身、以及大光圈定焦鏡頭,都是令人著迷的特色。專業攝影師會將它納入隨身機的選擇之一;對喜愛攝影的朋友,它絕對是排名前幾名的類單眼相機;就算只是一般人,也可以很輕鬆拍出不錯的照片。筆者曾經使用過 GRD IV,感想是「從來都沒想過原來相機可以做到這麼順手」所有拍照常會用的操作,FN 快捷鍵、Power 開關、拍照鍵、調整光圈、快門、ISO 與 EV...

International Review By on

The premium imaging features keptinside the Pentax Ricoh GR's compact body and its ability to produce excellent-quality images comes with a price, and a steep one at that. Here's the flow: Photography enthusiasts purchase snazzy DSLRs that work...

International Review By on

Ricoh GR to zaawansowany kompakt uzbrojony w matrycę formatu APS-C i stałoogniskowy obiektyw. Aparat został zaprojektowany z myślą o wymagających użytkownikach szukających narzędzia do fotografii ulicznej lub po prostu drugiego aparatu w zastępstwo...

International Review By on

지난번 펜탁스 istDs에 이어 두번째 포스팅입니다.2012/11/08 - 나의 첫 DSLR. 펜탁스 istDs를 추억하며..2007년 말.. 매일 야근에 주말 출근을 하다보니, DSLR을 집에 거의 방치해두었습니다. 그래서 제 생활패턴에 맞는 똑딱이를 찾다가 우연히 리코 GRD 네이버 카페에 접속하게 되었습니다.- 필름카메라 GR의 아들격? (출처 : -거기서 많은 고수분들이 GR-D와 GX100으로 촬영한 사진을 보고,...