Expect a large battery in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Of all the things Samsung has done really well in their smartphones over the past couple of years, the battery life hasn't exactly been one of them. The Galaxy S6 in particular featured pretty mediocre battery life, hamstrung by an…

Google will ban all Flash ads in 2017

Google has announced that its entire advertising network, comprising of the Google Display Network and DoubleClick Digital Marketing, will be transitioning away from Flash-based ads to a 100% HTML5 solution over the next year.

Intel releases update to disable Skylake non-K CPU overclocking

Late last year, several motherboard manufacturers including ASRock released updates to their boards that allowed users to overclock locked Intel 'Skylake' CPUs. This meant that some of Intel's lower-priced SKUs suddenly became great value, as overclocking them delivered performance in…

The growing choices in wireless connectivity

Next-gen wireless connectivity, 802.11ad, 802.11ax and more is coming: In addition to the more common forms of WiFi and LTE, there is a tremendous range of new varieties of both standards, either already in place or being developed.

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