Origin Chronos Small Form Factor Gaming PC Review

"Pre-Built" and "Small Form Factor PC" are terms that can strike fear in the minds of hardcore PC gamers. Pre-built systems don't necessarily put quality or performance over costs, while small form factor PCs don't always get high end GPU options or efficient cooling. Origin's Chronos breaks those stereotypes with top-of-the-line, name brand components in a tiny chassis.

PlatinumGames is hard at work on a brand new IP

According to DualShockers, PlatinumGames Producer Atsushi Inaba teased that the studio was working on a new original IP. He did not reveal much about the game only saying that it will be headed up by a new director. Inaba used…

Freebie: Learning Python ebook

Learn to code like a professional with Python - an open source, versatile, and powerful programming language. You can get the ebook free of charge (a $40 value) with your email address or by connecting via LinkedIn. The offer is good only for a limited time.

Razer Blade (2017) Review

I'm a big fan of Razer hardware. Their peripherals are top notch, in particular their outstanding Deathadder mice, while their laptops have surprised me in terms of how solid and well built they are. Razer seems to know what gamers are after and the latest Razer Blade is no exception.

Useful or Little Known Android Features

Android Tech Tip Week Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices worldwide. Its openness has made it a favorite for consumers and developers alike, while its ability to run on all kinds of hardware now makes up the largest installed base of any software platform. Let's kick things off with some convenient features you may not be familiar with to help you get more out of your Android device.

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