DimasTech Easy Test Bench V2.5

  • DimasTech Easy Test Bench V2.5
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  • Triple 120mm Radiator Space, Support For LN2 Cooling, Build Quality, Design, Cable Management, 120mm Fan Brackets, Mainboard Support, ToolLess Design, Price
  • Sturdy (par the PSU mount), Well thought details, Cable management, Room for water cooling


  • Availability
  • Large (44x44x50 cm when fully loaded), Handles only on top part

Expert reviews and ratings

By Bit-tech.net on 80

Test benches aren’t for everyone – in fact, their appeal is limited to those who need constant access to the guts of a PC. This includes competitive overclockers and people who perform a lot of troubleshooting. For those of us who chop and...

By Real World Labs on

Prior to testing the Dimastech Test/Table Easy v2.5 i have to admit that i never did care much about test/tech benches. Sure i have seen quite a few, and i have even used 3 for my own tests but i never did pay much attention to details. The...

By Metku.net on

So then, it really is a specialized product for specialized customers. The Dimastech test benches are already rather popular and it isn't hard to see why. They've spent so much time thinking and designing every detail there just aren't any...

By Clunk.org UK on 80

The Dimastech Easy Bench V2.5 left me in a bit of a quandary, on one hand it addresses most of the main issues with the V2.0 bench, however, the new design brings its own quirks and problems.The over all fit and finish is noticeably worse than it was...

By Vortez on

The Bench/Test Table Easy V2.5 is an incredibly impressive case and priced at around 120 Euros it offers a considerable amount of quality and a great many features not to mention flexibility.Of course the user base of a product like this may be...

By PCPer on

We'd like to thank Dimastech for providing the Test Bench Table Easy V2.5 for our review today. The entire system is very solid and creating a tooless design was definitely the way to go. Some improvements I would suggest are making quick-release...

By Overclockers Club on

The Bench Test/Table Easy v2.5 is the first product I have used from DimasTech, but after having it in use for some time now I have to say that I am very impressed with what this company has to offer. The first thing that caught my eye about the case...

By High Tech Reviews on

When you are reviewing various items you hate to use words like "the best", "must have" or "better than". Especially since our bread and butter is our sponsors and other companies providing us samples to review, you hate to step on someone's toes....

International Review By insidehardware.it on 88

DimasTech System SNC è un'azienda italiana che realizza soluzioni appositamente progettate per soddisfare le necessità degli utenti più esperti ed esigenti, come overclocker in primo luogo, enthusiast, modder e gamer, consistenti in...

International Review By Nexthardware on 100

Con un mercato dell'hardware in continuo fermento, anche i produttori di case devono adeguare i loro prodotti alla continua ed inesorabile evoluzione tecnologica.DimasTech, pur essendo un'azienda molto giovane, ha tra le sue qualità quella...

International Review By Hardware-Test on 80

Selv om markedet er lille for disse produkter, vil jeg uden tvivl vælge DimasTech Bench Tabel V2, da det klart er det mest robuste af slagsen og tilbyder mange muligheder. Det har været en fornøjelse at bruge og meget let at komme til,...

International Review By freeocen.de on

welches sich positiv gestalten im Angesicht der Möglichkeiten die das Benchtable bietet.Dank Vielzähliger Montagemöglichkeiten und Anpassbaren Platzierungen im, sowie am Gehäuse selbst bleiben keine Wünsche offen.Dank der...

International Review By PCBrain on 90

Quando si pronuncia Dimastech la prima cosa che viene in mente è sistemi di raffreddamento e banchetti per Overclock. Il brand, infatti, è ormai da anni che detiene il monopolio di vendite in questo mercato, nonostante la concorrenza sia...

International Review By PCBrain on 90

Concludendo la recensione di questo prodotto dobbiamo dire che ci troviamo di fronte ad una soluzione molto interessante, del resto come tutti i prodotti Dimastech. Le rifiniture sono molto curate e nettamente superiori a quelle della precedente...