Akasa Venom AK-CCX-4002HP

  • Akasa Venom AK-CCX-4002HP
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  • Build Quality.
  • Price/Performance Ratio.
  • Dual Fan Solution.


  • Noise Levels.
  • Raw Performance (Regardless Of Price).

Expert reviews and ratings

By Real World Labs on

Akasa has been around for quite a long time now and they have designed and manufactured quite a few nice products from CPU Coolers and HDD enclosures to PC Cases and Power Supplies so i did have high expectations for the Venom especially since...

By X-bit Labs on

In conclusion I would like to add that in the latter case the cooler is fastened with screws that provide extremely secure hold. The distance from the lowest heatsink plate to the cooler contact base surface is 39...

By techPowerUp! on 88

The Venom from Akasa is an impressive piece of equipment. It breaks the mold of rather unspectacular-looking tower-type heatsinks, and adds some aesthetic appeal to your rig when seen through its case window. Match it with ASUS Sabertooth, Corsair...

By VR-Zone on 91

The Venom is a fancy looking heatsink for people who enjoy colorful designs. The cobra sketch at the top of the heatsink and the UV reactive fan are things you will not see inside most computers. We found no manufacturing imperfections about the Venom...

By Kitguru.net on 80

Enthusiast PC users are rarely satisfied with the performance or appearance of reference bundled CPU coolers. These coolers are either not good enough, too loud or lack aesthetic appeal to be installed inside a very carefully designed system. This...

By FrostyTech on 85

The Akasa Venom heatsink stands 160mm tall and weighs just over 800grams. It's built around four 8mm diameter copper heatpipes and raw aluminum cooling fins. The Venom ships with a fancy nuclear yellow fan called the 'S-Flow' that spins at...

By DreamWare Computers on

Akasa put out to make the Venom the "king of cooling" as their box says, and my time with this cooler has gone to show that they haven't done a bad job of making a mean cooler. It has dashing and bold looks and colours, great cooling ability, and...

By HardwareHeaven on 90

The Venom certainly is an impressive cooler both in terms of its size and performance even though it is quite noisy at full fan speed. If the fan speed is dictated by the motherboard, though, it becomes much quieter. At £35.99 it is decent value for...

By Bit-tech.net on 70

We were a little surprised when the Venom arrived on our desks, not least because Akasa had recently released a fine high-end, low-noise CPU cooler in the form of the . In comparison the Venom, which costs a couple of quid more than the , offers very...

International Review By DeXgo on

Der Akasa Venom wird in einer auffälligen Verpackung ausgeliefert, welche zudem noch reich an Informationen ist. Der Lieferumfang gefällt ebenso, bietet er alles was zur Montage des Kühlers auf allen aktuellen Sockeln benötigt wird...

International Review By ExtraHardware on

Výsledky jsou pro mě trochu rozporuplné. Na jedné straně špičkový ventilátor a vcelku uspokojivé teploty, na straně druhé špatná kvalita zpracování testovaného kusu a...

International Review By PC Labs on

Fiyat/Performans ürünleri ile tanıdığımız Akasa'nın yeni bir işlemci soğutucusunu mercek altına alıyoruz: Venom.Ürün ÖzellikleriFirma: Akortek Marka: Akasa Model: Venom...

International Review By PC-Experience on

Akasa hat mit dem Venom CPU-Kühler ein heißes Eisen im Feuer des schwierigen und weitestgehend ausgereizten Kühlermarktes. Die Kühlleistung ist als respektabel anzusehen und das Ausstattungspaket erfüllt die Erwartungen, zumal...

International Review By HardwareOverclock on 93

Lieferumfang:Der Lieferumfang ist dem Kühler angepasst. Natürlich muss man vom Preis her interessant bleiben, wir hätten aber trotzdem einen zweiten PWM Lüfter dazu gegeben. Ansonsten war alles dabei, was ein guter Kühler...