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  • Quiet, Design, Socket Compatibility
  • Cools great, Quiet operation, Large but easy to install, Well made, Lots of parts to fit any situation


  • Performance, Build Quality, Price

Expert reviews and ratings

By Real World Labs on

Dynatron has been around for 18 years and with that in mind we had Grande expectations from their G950 CPU Cooler and perhaps that is why we just have to be quite hard with them. Had they been a new company with the G950 as their first CPU...

By FrostyTech on 80

The Dynatron Genius G950 does perform quite well on both thermal and noise-output fronts, particular with respect to Frostytech's 85W synthetic thermal tests....

By Benchmark Reviews on

The Dynatron Genius-G950 heatsink comes with a small tube of GE-Toshiba TIG830SP thermal compound, and a bolt-through mounting kit with backplate. The polished contact base works best with thin low-Viscosity thermal pastes, and covers large processors...

By Pro-Clockers on

The Genius is a big cooler that does just what Dynatron want it to do. And that is to destroy the Intel and AMD stock coolers. And before we go on and tell you how it lined up against other top coolers lets me say this. The Genius weighs in at 800...

By Overclockers Club on

The Dynatron Genius CPU Cooler performed quite well when it was stacked up against the stock cooling solution that Intel provides for their retail processors. The Dynatron Genius cooler is very light weight and stands quite tall, however it is not...

By OverClock Intelligence Agency on

It's always interesting to browse the overclocking forums and have a look at members signatures to see what people are using for CPU cooling. In that sort of venue, a good bit of them have some form of liquid cooling in place. But there are still...

By Testfreaks on 100

It may be big, but its big in a way that isnt cumbersome or obtrusive on the other pieces of hardware in your case. The simple fact is that the Dynatron G950 Genius CPU Cooler does a really solid job of keeping the CPU cool.Dynatron...

International Review By AwardFabrik on 77

Zusammenfassend lsst sich festhalten, dass der Khler seine Versprechen halten konnte.Der Dynatron G950 Genius CPU Cooler berzeugt vor allem durch seine geringe Betriebslautstrke unter 7V als auch noch akzeptable Lautstrke...