Dell Inspiron 620

  • Dell Inspiron 620
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  • Reasonably priced, HDMI output, Big hard drive, Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Includes Wi-Fi card, 1TB hard drive, HDMI port, Contains limited bloatware, Dual-core Core i3 CPU performs like a quad-core.


  • No Blu-ray drive, Integrated graphics, Uninspired design.
  • Hard drive is loud, Criminally short McAfee Internet Security subscription.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Tech2 on 65

One always seems to be undecided on the options to consider before setting out to buy a PC. While assembling your own PC may have its own merits, one would have to do a bit of searching to configure their own rig. Manufacturers such as Lenovo,...

By on 75

Many of us build our own computers, but for those without the necessary skills, time, or interest there are a plethora of pre-built systems on the market to suit all demands. Today we are looking at the Dell Inspiron 620 MT desktop system which, on...

By APC Magazine on 70

While not as high-end as some desktops, the Dell Inspiron 620 packs an Intel Core i5 2300 CPU with all four cores humming along at 2.8GHz. You also get 6GB of RAM, and thanks to Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit you can actually access it all. The specs...

By PCWorld New Zealand on 70

Convinced an all-in-one or laptop isn’t for you? We checked out Dell’s latest home desktop model, the Inspiron 620.The configuration we received runs on the Intel Core i3-2100, a quad-core CPU from the company’s Sandy Bridge lineup....

By PC Mag on 70

The Dell Inspiron i620-3708NBK delivers solid quad-core power at a very reasonable price. ...

By PC Mag on 80

The sub-$500 Dell Inspiron i620-228NBK has just about all you need for basic computing, plus other added extras you rarely find at this price point. It's a perfect replacement for that five-year-old tower in your den that is just too slow these...

International Review By 01Net on 60

Le PC de bureau n’est pas mort. Dell continue de renouveler ses gammes de PC fixes de la famille Inspiron et nous propose le 620. Si l’on se fie aux informations techniques fournies par le constructeur, cette configuration aux allures lambda...