Dell Inspiron One 2305

  • Dell Inspiron One 2305
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  • Touch screen, Nice price, Core i3 processor is fast enough for day-to-day tasks.
  • Bluray Drive And HDTV Tuner, 8GB Of Memory, Free Of Trialware Applications
  • Sleek design. 1080p HD video. Multitouch screen. Bluray player. No bloatware. Attractive design. Wireless keyboard and mouse.


  • Dell Stage interface is playing catch-up, No HDMI, no Blu-ray, and no TV tuner: limited to online HD content, External power brick, A little bloatware.
  • AMD Quad Core Processor Actually Slower Than Many Similar Priced Intel Dual Core AllInOnes, Touch Software Not Very Robust, Rear USB Ports Are Somewhat Hard To Reach

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Mag on 60

The Dell Inspiron One 2305 (IO2305-4400ELS) offers up a nice screen and feature set for a good price, but nothing to differentiate it from other offerings in the all-in-one desktop PC space. It's a sensible choice, but competitors offer more. ...

By eTech Reviews on

Dell Inspiron One 2305 is the second big attempt by this manufacturer is all-in-one desktops and it really impressed me for a lot of reasons. First, the design is really clean and this is probably the best Windows based all-in-one system. My review...

By Dev Hardware on

Looking for a little entertainment? Both of the desktops we'll be reviewing today could suit your needs. The Dell Inspiron One 2305 gives you plenty of connectivity options and Blu-ray for watching DVDs, while the Origin Genesis aims to reach the...

By on 60

Jan 21 2011 - If you happen to be looking to get an affordable all-in-one system that will be a high definition media center, than the Dell Inspiron One 2305 might be an excellent choice. It features a full 1080p touch display, Blu-ray drive, HDTV...

By TechReviewSource on 80

4.00 The Dell Inspiron One 2305 (Blu-ray) ($1,099 direct) is an all-in-one with a touch screen, Blu-ray, and competitive performance numbers. While it's not going to usurp the ($1,159 direct, 4 stars) of its Editors' Choice, the Dell Inspiron...

By PC Mag on 80

The Dell Inspiron One 2305 (Blu-ray) is a solid all-in-one media desktop PC, but it lacks the applications to make it a worthwhile touch-screen computer. Buy it...

By on 90

A computer for the whole family? Look no...