Zotac ZBox AD02 Plus

  • Zotac ZBox  AD02 Plus
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  • Small form factor.
  • VESA mount included.
  • Great performance.


  • CPU usage during video playback is higher than ION2.

Expert reviews and ratings

By TechwareLabs on

The ZBOX-AD02-PLUS sets out to do one thing: provide 1080p video playback with minimal power draw and as little heat and noise output as possible. In that regard, it succeeds admirably. As a more general purpose system it is not without its...

By XtremeComputing on

I have to say I was quite surprised with this little box of tricks, not only does the Zotac ZBOX AD02 Plus tick all the net box requirements, It also ticks HTPC requirements as well. I did not in no way expect the numbers I saw I was really expecting...

By Fudzilla on

Zotac made a name for itself as an Nvidia AIB partner, but when it comes to nettops and HTPCs, the Hong Kong based outfit is anything but monogamous.Building on the success of its Atom-based nettops, Zotac was one of the first vendors to embrace...

By ThinkComputers on 100

Zotac has really put together a good all-in-one system with the ZBOX HD-AD02 plus. All you really need to purchase after getting the system is the operating system and possibly a USB CD-ROM drive. The unit is nice and compact and can fit pretty much...

By Bjorn3D on 85

AMD’s Zacate E-350 APU is a rather nice upgrade from the Intel Atom. The E-350 is a faster CPU than the Intel Atom D510, especially in lightly threaded application. The GPU on the Zacate platform, the HD 6310, is also powerful enough for most...

International Review By TechSweden on 70

För att sammanfatta Zotac ZBOX AD02-Plus måste vi tänka lite mot vilken målgrupp datorn riktar sig mot. Är det mot den oerfarne hemanvändaren eller mot den datorkunnige?Om det är mot den oerfarne hemanvändaren...

International Review By IDG.no on 83

Rent designmessig og i utførelse får man et litt «billig» inntrykk av Zbox AD02. Men så er det for så vidt også en ganske billig løsning. Designet på enheten er ikke like fint som for eksempel en del av Asus...

International Review By TodoHTPC on 80

Al ser el primer equipo con el sistema AMD Fusion Zacate, la comparación se ha centrado en su competidor Intel Atom con el Nvidia ION2. Pero tampoco nos hemos olvidado que analizamos el nuevo equipo ZBOX de Zotac.Zotac ha mantenido el diseño y...

International Review By pcmasters.de on

Dagegen macht man beim der ZBOX AD02 Plus auf AMDs brandneuer Brazos Plattform vieles besser und bietet die gleichen Features, da außenherum das gleiche Gehäuse steckt. Die Leistung ist je nach Anwendungsgebiet mal vor mal hinter dem ungleichen Bruder...

International Review By 01Net on 60

Avec une puissance largement suffisante pour les tâches multimédias auxquelles il se destine, une connectique bien pensée, ce Zbox AD02 s'en sort plutôt bien dans sa catégorie face aux machines à base de processeur Intel Atom. En revanche, le bruit...