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By Real World Labs on

Intel has offered up a drive that just might be todays Value to Performance leader. $187 for a drive of the 335’s capacity and performance is simply outstanding. Intel’s new low power, high performance 20nm NAND does not disappoint, it’s awesome....

By StorageReview on

The Intel SSD 910 is an interesting offering in the enterprise application accelerator space for a number of reasons. First, with its aggressive pricing, Intel is attempting to commoditize the entry-enterprise PCIe storage space, with a card that...

By AnandTech on

The increase in compute density in servers over the past several years has significantly impacted form factors in the enterprise. Whereas you used to have to move to a 4U or 5U chassis if you wanted an 8-core machine, these days you can get there...

By Hardware Canucks on

Intel’s 910 800GB is currently a dominating titan within the solid state drive market but with extreme performance and impressive longevity comes a price that will be staggering for many of our readers. But before the pitchfork-wielding enthusiast mob...

By Tom's Hardware UK on

PCIe-based SSDs have evolved rapidly, with companies like Fusion-io, LSI, and OCZ leading the way. Intel is betting that its reputation for quality and reliability in the enterprise sector are enough to overcome that head-start as it launches SSD 910....

By VR-Zone on

Back at IDF Beijing 2012, Intel unveiled its enterprise data centre/cloud computing oriented 910 series "Ramsdale MLC" PCI Express Solid-State Drive, available in 400GB ($1,929) and 800GB ($3,859) capacities. We do a quick preview of the new 25nm HET MLC...

By HotHardware on

Intel's 800GIB SSD 910 PCI Express SSD offered solid performance under most test conditions, while occasionally offering break-out numbers under higher queue depth workloads, as we saw in our CrystalDiskMark and some IOMeter tests. In our ATTO...

International Review By Tom's Hardware Italy on

Determinare l'SSD giusto per la vostra applicazione enterprise è un compito non facile. Le variabili da prendere in considerazione sono troppe per essere elencate e molte di queste sono in contrasto con le altre. A questo aggiungiamo il fatto che i...

International Review By Noticias 3D on

Decididamente, la serie 910 de Intel está totalmente orientada a servidores. Ya no sólo por cómo nos presentan el producto, sino porque estos aparatos son prácticamente los únicos que les podrán sacar todo el provecho que son capaces de otorgar. Un...

International Review By on

Хотя достоинства твердотельных накопителей известны уже не первый год, в корпоративной сфере их доминирование связано непосредственно с замещением существующих 2,5 дюймовых HDD SAS по размеру, форме и функциональности. Для дата-центров это означает, что...

International Review By on

Intel 910 Series 和 OCZ Zdrive R4 CM88 這兩顆伺服器級 SSD 到底誰比較強呢? 隨著 SSD 的製程進步,速度愈來愈快,現在許多伺服器都改用 PCIe 介面的 SSD 作為系統磁碟了。使用 PCIe 介面的 SSD 的好處在於只要一顆就可以取代 HDD raid0 的速度,讓伺服器不需使用多顆 SSD 組成大型磁碟陣列,即可獲得更快的速度,讓企業級 SSD 僅需些許空間,就能提供虛擬化所需的充足速度。▼採用 PCIe 2.0 的企業級 SSD...

International Review By on

要價近4千元美金的 SSD 巨獸,在正式將它投進實戰環境前,先簡單的進行測試。 回到今年在北京舉辦的IDF 2012,Intel 針對企業應用及雲端運算,發表了 “Ramsdale MLC” 系列 PCIe SSD,也就是我們這次所預覽的主角 SSD 910。910系列擁有兩種不同容量,分別為 400GB (US$ 1,929) 與 800GB (US$ 3,859)。我們將會將其投入實際的應用環境進行測試,不過在此之前,我們為此先行較為一般的Benchmark,以及簡單的產品介紹。正如同 先前的文章...