XFX Radeon R9 380 Double Dissipation 4GB GDDR5 PCIe R9-380P-4255




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A new mid-range bargain for AMD, but the R9 380's ageing architecture isn’t the leap forward fans were hoping...

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Behind every great graphics card, is a great manufacturer and to some people, that is more important than the actual chip inside them.  Obviously XFX are bound to producing and manufacturing AMD cards so choice is fairly limited and XFX haven't exactly...

By HardOCP on

Today we will be evaluating our first AMD Radeon R9 380 GPU based video card from the recently released AMD Radeon 300 series of GPUs. These video cards were launched on June 18th, 2015. The video cards launched on this date in order from slowest to...

By Overclock3D on

What XFX have shown us here is a GPU which delivers a great deal of value, offering 4GB of VRAM for under £180, which is a great deal given that Nvidia's cheapest 4GB GTX 960 on Overclockers UK is £200.While many people will complain that AMD's R9 380...

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XFX har endnu engang efterladt mig med følelsen af tilfredsstillelse i kroppen efter et endt review. Selvom R9 380 blot er et rebrand af R9 285, så har de bestemt formået at give os noget godt med dette 4 GB kort. Designet og ydeevnen fra køleren er...

International Review By Syndrome-oc on 80

Il est temps de conclure sur ce renommage de carte proposé par AMD. Notre avis sur la R9 285 reste identique avec cette R9 380. Nous avons affaire à un bon GPU proposant des performances suffisante pour jouer aux jeux actuels en Full HD aux environs de...

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Hoy tenemos el placer de comenzar nuestra colaboración con XFX , una de las marcas que más tirón está teniendo estos días con las nuevas gráficas de AMD . Concretamente tenemos entre manos la XFX Radeon R9 380 4 GB , un modelo más compacto que el de sus...

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XFX黑狼R9 380 Double Dissipation4G 990/5700MHz 256bit GDDR5 显卡已经发布,售价比2GB 的R9 380黑狼贵了100元,1599元的报价目前在中段市场看,竞争力很强,尤其是计划双路CF的玩家,4GB R9 380异常出彩,请参考我们的微星R9 380 CF 交火测试。好,不废话和以往一样,接下来就让我们简单的了解下黑狼XFX R9 380 4GB!这块定位非公,是XFX讯景家族最高版本,自带超大4GB GDRR5容量显存,安提瓜核心自带1792...