Razer Banshee StarCraft 2 Gaming Headset USB

  • Razer Banshee StarCraft 2 Gaming Headset USB
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  • Excellent sound.
  • Big ear cups.
  • Full equalizer.


  • Heavy.
  • Controller hanging by the cable

Expert reviews and ratings

By Gaming Nexus on 77

Razer is well known for creating some of the best accessories and peripherals for PC gamers, so when Blizzard and Razer teamed up to create a three-pack of items specifically for Starcraft II fans, you knew that Razer would not disappoint. In the...

By PC Gamer on 60

The Banshee aims to showcase your skills in StarCraft II, but it misses the bull’s-eye completely. The speakers and ear cups are protected in heavy, thick plastic, but the headband is unnecessarily wide, and the sides don’t collapse inward...

By Atomic MPC on 58

Too heavy, too expensive, too...

By Tbreak.com on 100

The Razer StarCraft II Marauder keyboard and Spectre mouse may go hand in hand, but the Banshee headset totally completes this one of a kind set. The first thing you’ll notice is that unlike the Marauder keyboard and Spectre mouse, the Banshee...

By Metku.net on

Heavy Controller hanging by the cable Silver...

By Maximum PC on 60

Remember that ugly plastic we keep mentioning? With the Banshee, it seems Razer ended up with some sort of surplus of the stuff, and just decided to see how much it could possibly slap onto a single headset. The individual ear cups are simply...

By GamingShogun on

The Razer Banshee StarCraft 2 gaming headset takes many of the qualities of an excellent gaming headset and integrates it with StarCraft II to make a next generation experience that will no doubt become the go-to headset for professional StarCraft...

International Review By Fragbite on 60

Ser man någon bära ett Razer Banshee lär man kolla två gånger. Detta headset är specialutvecklat för att tillfredsställa StarCraft II-gamers genom ett allmänt spejsigt utseende och balla lampor som skiftar...

International Review By SFT - Magazin on 87

und 3D-Technik-Infos finden Sie in der Print-Ausgabe. mehr... [0 Kommentare]...

International Review By Magnus.de on 78

Über Tasten an den Muscheln regelt man die Lautstärke des Mikrofons oder der Schallwandler. Mit einem Gewicht von 410 Gramm ist das Banshee recht schwer, was trotz guter Polsterung bei langem Tragen stört. Die 50-mm-Lautsprecher liefern...

International Review By zeden.net on 80

Le Banshee, doté de ses gros HP et d'une carte son USB intégrée et d'un micro steréo, offre une qualité sonore impeccable. Couplé à un driver très abouti, Razer aurait pu offrir un produit très...

International Review By 01Net on 60

Le casque Banshee de Razer est conçu pour les joueurs de StarCraft II. Il est bien sûr possible – heureusement ! – de l'utiliser avec d'autres jeux (MMORPG, FPS, etc.), car les écouteurs retranscrivent correctement les...

International Review By Hardwareluxx on

Razer ist mit dem Banshee ein reinrassiges Gaming-Headset gelungen, das mit einer martialischen Optik und nicht zuletzt einem wuchtigen Klang die Gaming-Gemeinde schnell für sich begeistern kann. HiFi-Fans hingegen werden ein wenig Feingefühl...

International Review By Nexthardware on 100

Razer è un'azienda affermata e presente da svariati anni nel settore delle periferiche gaming ed i suoi prodotti si sono sempre distinti per gli elevati contenuti tecnologici oltre che per la qualità.La nuova linea StarCraft II nasce per...

International Review By Gamer.no on 80

Banshee kobles til gjennom en USB-kabel, og benytter seg derfor ikke av PC-ens eget lydkort. Slikt sett blir det et ekstra godt kjøp hvis du ikke har et bra lydkort, men mindre aktuelt hvis du har dette og legger stor vekt på å ha...