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I personally believe that headphones are a personal thing, the shape, the comfort and the quality are all critical components which is why Sennheiser is seriously out there when it comes to constantly producing the best headphones in the world. This is...

By on

Can a pair of headphones ever justify £35,000? Probably not if you have to ask, as the saying goes. We're not actually sure Sennheiser even has an audience in mind, because in a way, this isn't for the public.The new Orpheus is for Sennheiser to see...

By Headfonia on

Back in 1990/1991 Sennheiser presented the HE90+HEV90 to the world a.k.a. the Orpheus. Only 300 units were ever made and with specs like 500V and a whole bunch of other impressive numbers, the Orpheus became the world's best sounding system. 25 years...

By Trusted Reviews on

Reinventing the ultimate headphone People talk about ‘money is no object' items, but most have nothing on the Sennheiser Orpheus HE1060. They cost €50,000, roughly £35,000. For most people, they exist only to prove headphones can be this pricey. And...