Verbatim Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 97537

  • Verbatim Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 97537
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  • Folding design with sturdy hinge mechanisms, Media console for playback control
  • Welldesigned and thoughtful layout, Rugged snap closure and protective case, Built in multimedia controls, Free standing easel support for iPod and iPhone, Good key action, Battery driven – and they supplied batteries, Supports iOS4 and up, Android 3
  • Compact & portable, Spacious overall layout, Included smartphone stand


  • Mediocre typing experience, Many important keys are too small for comfort, The keyboard slides around too easy when typing
  • Locking mechanism could be a little more robust, Multipoint Bluetooth capability would be welcome addition, Pod/iPhone easel should tether to the keyboard, because it falls over when you touch it.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Phone Arena on 55

Verbatim's Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard is not something you see every day, as you can just fold it in two and save space in two of the dimensions. The folding and latching mechanisms are sturdy and easy to use, and the manufacturer has provided a...

By Electronista on 90

My thumbs don’t know QWERTY and I have long fingernails. This combination means that most devices without a real keyboard are a pain to use. I’m not a fan of on-screen keyboards either. Since I use my devices for work, the two most common uses...

By SlashGear on

Overall the Verbatim Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard is a good choice if you’ll require heavy typing on your iPhone or iPad. It’s a step up from the more flimsy alternatives and is just as portable in size. Although it’s a bit heavier, it...

By Phone Arena on 80

Taking into account the wonderful experience we’re able to get with the Verbatim Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard, there’s no reason why some people shouldn’t pick it up. However, some might find themselves at a complete halt when...

By TechRadar on 40

Almost 15 years ago, PDAs such as the Sony Clié or Pocket PC were the best means of carrying your data around with you. Their admittedly modest success spawned a range of keyboards that docked with your touchscreen device. Over time, these...

By Gear Diary on

One of the pleasant surprises I found when I first started checking out the BlackBerry Playbook was the fact that it is a fantastic blogging tool. Unlike the iPad, which continues to fall short in the mobile blogging department, the PlayBook is a...

By I4U on 80

The Verbatim Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard is a nice little keyboard for your tablet, assuming you can get used to the weird right shift key. ...

By on

Here’s a foldable portable keyboard from Verbatim that’s specifically designed for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. How well does it work, and what must be sacrificed for this amount of portability?I took this little Verbatim Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard out...