Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M5-481TG

  • Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M5-481TG
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  • Nvidia graphics.
  • Optical drive.
  • Backlit keyboard.


  • Generic design.
  • The screen quality is mediocre.

Expert reviews and ratings

By The Verge on 80

Over the past few months, we've put both the touchscreen and game-capable models of the 14-inch Aspire M5 to the test, and we've been pleased with what we've found. In fact, we've already featured the laptop in our Back to School and Holiday Gift Guides...

By cnet on 80

Yes, it's heavier than the average ultrabook, but if you're looking for an excellent value in a full-featured thin laptop, the Acer Timeline U M5 is hard to...

By Wired on 60

I love clichés as much as the next guy, but in a world inhabited by snazzy tech enhancements like Speedo LZR Racer Suits, slow and steady rarely wins the race anymore.That’s a problem in the ultraverse these days: as ultrabook manufacturers are waging...

By Engadget on -

For the money, the Acer Aspire M5 is a fantastic deal. At $780, it delivers some of the best graphics performance you'll find in this price range, or among Ultrabooks, in general. It's thinner than many mainstream 14-inch laptops, even though it still...

By LaptopMag on 70

The 14-inch TimelineU M5 Ultrabook offers discrete graphics and good audio in a sleek...

By PC Mag on 80

The downsides of the Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M5-481TG-6814 are outweighed by its nimble performance in both everyday computing and visually intense gaming applications—and it's an excellent...

By Digital Trends on 90

We can't help but wonder if Acer is a bit confused. The company sent us two laptops for review simultaneously: the Acer Aspire M5 (priced at $780) and the Acer Aspire S5 (priced at $1,399). Between these, the M5 is clearly superior. It's more...

International Review By on -

Ультрабуки изначально были премиальным продуктом: тонкие, металлические и достаточно мощные, причем по не самой запредельной цене. Конечно, топовые модели стоили и под 2000 долларов, но изначальное требование Intel «не больше 1000 долларов» вендоры были...

International Review By on -

Ожидать от данной модели «турболакшери» не стоит. Несмотря на некоторые попытки повысить его престижность (металлическая отделка корпуса, подсветка клавиатуры) — это достаточно бюджетное решение. Тем, кто ждет высокого уровня исполнения, внимания к...

International Review By on -

Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M5-481TG получился довольно интересным, но несколько неоднозначным ультрабуком. Производитель явно пытался создать своего рода недорогую элитную модель. Отсюда и частично металлический корпус, и один вариант конфигурации для...

International Review By on -

Windows 8, el nuevo sistema operativo de Microsoft ya es una realidad, como es una realidad que incluirlo en un equipo lo transforma por completo. Una nueva interfaz y en general una nueva manera de relacionarse con el ordenador, pero manteniendo un...

International Review By on 81


International Review By on -

Mit dem Aspire Timeline Ultra M5-481TG geht Acer in die richtige Richtung. Gegen die Killer-Argumente der Konkurrenz kann das 14-Zoll Ultrabook jedoch nichts entgegenbringen. Hier hilft nicht einmal die leistungsstarke Nvidia Geforce GT 640M LE. Bereits...