Acer Chromebook C7 Gen2 C720

  • Acer Chromebook C7 Gen2 C720
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  • Slim and wellbuilt.
  • Good screen for the price.
  • Extremely portable.


  • Chrome OS is a glorified browser.
  • Very limited offline functionality.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Engadget on 81

As the first Chromebook with a Core i3 processor, the Acer C720 offers modest performance gains over its rivals, along with equally long battery life. You might want to wait and see if other laptop makers come out with something a little better designed -- perhaps with a better screen. Even so, at this price, the C720 remains a good value in its own right.

By Computer Shopper on 60

If you want the quickest Chromebook apart from Google's $1,299 Core i5 Pixel, the Core i3 version of Acer's venerable C720 is worth a look, but the system still shows its netbook roots. Read...

By XSReviews on

The Acer C720 is the best Chromebook we've seen yet. Its portability and long battery life allow it to fill a similar role to a tablet; ideal as a second machine in the home or your primary machine on the road. The surprisingly efficient processor,...

By GadgetSpeak on 76

A Chromebook is an option to a standard Android Tablet. It works in much the same way and the biggest problem it had at first launch of not being able to work offline is now overcome although there are currently less options than with other Android...

By on

As Chromebooks become more popular, people ask if they should buy a low-cost Chromebook, which often runs around $250, or spend an extra $100 on an inexpensive Windows PC.We did a search at Amazon to see what $350 can buy in a Windows computer. On...

By Notebook Review on 87

Pros: very cheap, extremely portable, excellent battery life, durable design, ChromeOS

Cons: poor speakers, dim display, limited ports, ChromeOS

By on 80

While the rival HP Chromebook 11 is more attractive, with a white exterior and IPS screen, when put on the spot we'd go for the Acer C720. Why? Those handy extra ports. The simple addition of HDMI and, particularly, an SD reader makes all the...

By Gadget Guy Australia on 90

Acer’s second attempt at a Chromebook has a new processor, better keyboard, and a slightly slimmer build. Does Acer perfect the Chrome idea this time around, or will the third time be the charm? The next version of the Acer Chromebook isn’t just a...

By I4U on

I've already taken a longer look at Google's Chrome OS this weekend on Forbes ( you can read my thoughts here ). Now it's time to look at the hardware that runs the online OS. Acer released the C720, an update to their existing C710 Chromebook, at the...

By TrustedReviews on 70

Putting the average screen and frustrations with the keyboard/touchpad aside, the Acer Chromebook C720 is still a great value for money laptop.

By OSNews on

When my 3+ year old DELL laptop died a few weeks back, I decided to give Chromebooks a try. So the Acer C720, at just $199, became my new laptop. This is my experience with it so far. The Acer C720 is similar in specs to other Chromebooks currently on...

By Expert Reviews on 80

Cheap, powerful and well made; this is Acer’s best Chromebook...

By CoolSmartphone on

Chromebooks. Are they a good alternative to your day to day laptop?That is the question we are going to try and answer over the course of this review. I have been using one now for the past few days courtesy of Acer who lent me the device for review....

By CoolSmartphone on

Here is a little something different.A thin and light laptop on Coolsmartphone. What’s going on? Am I reading the correct site do I need an eye test?Whoa there before you run off to Optical Express, relax because even though this is a laptop it share...

By on 90

I bought the Acer C720 Chromebook as I wanted a smallish lightweight laptop to carry around with me on my trips. Whether it's for working or pleasure this Chromebook is lightweight coming in at just 1.25Kg, compared to my regular HP 15.6inch laptop...

By on

I'll admit I'm warming to Chrome, but it's a relationship that's still far from cosy. The useful app choices remain very limited and the OS still feels rough round the edges in places and the printing limitations are as annoying as ever. Yet, whatever...

By ConsumerSearch on

The Acer C720 Chromebook is just about the cheapest laptop you'll find, but thanks to a technology upgrade, it's one of the most powerful in its class. If you are comfortable with the limitations of Chrome -- including the need for an Internet connection...

By Android Central on

The best budget laptop purchase you can make right nowIf it isn't entirely clear to everyone by now, Chromebooks are certainly a thing. And more importantly for budget-conscious computer buyers, inexpensive prices are the norm for these browser-centric...

By on 100

It's cheap, light and easy to use. If you're happy to remain within a browser environment then this is ideal. If you absolutely need Office, try out Google Drive first and decide if that's sufficient. As a living room device for catching up on Facebook...

By PC Pro on 83

A cheap, compact, practical Chromebook with a good level of...