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The Alienware 14 is a redesigned gaming laptop with a new magnesium alloy and aluminum casing. It is powered by an Intel Core i7 CPU, Nvidia GT 765M, 16 GB of RAM, 750GB HDD in combo with 256GB SSD. Other features includes a 1080p display, Blu-ray drive, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.0.

Expert reviews and ratings

By The Inquirer on 80

PC MAKER Dell's Alienware brand is one of the dominant names in gaming laptops, and its latest machine, the Alienware 14 notebook takes on rivals with pure...

By on 79

The world of gaming laptops is hugely competitive, so Dell’s designers should be commended for making the Alienware 14 stand out: its matte metal chassis looks and feels fantastic, and the lights across its surfaces look good without becoming...

By PCAdvisor on 80

Alienware's designers have done a great job tempering the excesses of traditional gaming laptops with good looks and matte aluminium, and the Alienware 14 doesn't just look great – it shifts, too. The quad-core processors puts paid to applications, and the GTX 765M graphics core handles modern games at high settings. It's not thin, light or quiet, but it's a more portable proposition than most of its 17in rivals.

By PC Advisor on

The Alienware 14 gaming laptop looks great and has the performance to match. Read our Alienware 14 review to find out...

By TrustedReviews on 80

Great performance and distinct style, but the price is just too steep compared to its rivals for us to give a whole-hearted endorsement.

By CNET Australia on 80

Dell has revamped its gaming line, including the new Alienware 14. The design changes don't go nearly far enough but no complaints about the...

By Engadget on

It can be shockingly expensive if configured to the nines, however. In the end, we can say the new Alienware lineup is a strong follow-up to the last generation, with plenty of power for those who want it, and a fresh, modern design. That glowing trackpad is still a little weird, though.

By on 80

Almost every component of this laptop can be specified down to the individual's particular whim. However, it will cost quite a bit. Even the most basic specification Alienware 14 will provide you with a powerful, elegant laptop and when it comes to...

By NotebookCheck on 86

Alienware 14 Alienware's 14-inch reincarnation has several strengths but also numerous drawbacks. But let us start with the positive aspects. One of the biggest improvements is certainly the anti-reflective display . Compared to the M14x R2 there...

By IGN on 86

The market is shifting toward thinner and lighter devices, and many may be reluctant to spring for such a bulky machine, but where the Alienware 14 lacks in compact portability, it makes up for in performance, wide array of optional upgrades, and comparatively affordable cost.

By LaptopMag on 70

This laptop's gaming performance is nothing short of impressive, and its design is otherworldly. However, the system runs hot while gaming, and its screen could be brighter. Overall, though, Alienware has made a very worthy successor to its 14-inch gaming notebook.

By The Verge on 81

We're hoping Razer can pull that off with the new 14-inch Blade, or maybe even Alienware itself should it reintroduce an 11-inch gaming machine. When I ask whether the M11x will see a successor, Frank Azor suggests it's a possibility. "The 11-inch was very disruptive," he says. "We want to be disruptive again."

International Review By on

El que compra un portátil Alienware sabe lo que se va a encontrar: un equipo pensado casi en exclusiva para el mundo gamer , con un peso elevado pero con un rendimiento a la altura de las gamas más...

International Review By NotebookCheck on 86

Aguicheur. Nouvelle robe, nouvelle dénomination et nouvelle génération de composants : Alienware prend beaucoup de risques afin de nous proposer les meilleurs PC portables pour joueurs. Les spécifications ne vont pas être...

International Review By Notebookjournal on 90

Das Alienware 14 ist konkurrenzlos im Bereich der 14-Zoll-Gaming-Notebooks. Auf kleinem Raum erreicht Alienware eine hohe Anwendungs- und Spieleleistung. Anspruchsvolle, aktuelle Spiele verlangen allerdings eine leichte Reduzierung des Detailgrads, um...

International Review By Parentesis on 80

De entrada, puede parecer que la Alienware 14 tiene las mismas capacidades que otros equipos en el mercado, sin embargo es una de las computadoras portátiles más poderosas que se pueden conseguir en el país con un precio competitivo,...

International Review By Notebookcheck ES on 86

Tentador. Nueva carcasa, nuevo nombre y nuevos componentes: Alienware se arriesga mucho para ofrecer el mejor portátil de juegos del 2013. La competencia no lo tendrá fácil para superar las características integradas. A pesar de su...

International Review By NotebookCheck IT on 86

Allettante. Case nuovo, nuovo nome e nuovi componenti: Alienware rischia molto per offrire il miglior portatile gaming del 2013. Le features integrate non saranno facili da superare da parte della concorrenza. Nonostante sia un 14" il notebook può...

International Review By 01Net on 100

Compact et bien fini, ce nouvel Alienware en version 14 pouces nous a sérieusement tapé dans l'oeil ! La version testée ici, très haut de haut de gamme, n'est certes pas donnée... et pas très autonome. Sachez...