Alienware 18 Series

  • Alienware 18 Series
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  • Killer SLI graphics performance.
  • Lights galore.
  • High-end components.


  • Expensive.
  • Heavy.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Notebook Review on 87

Pros: Stellar performance, Good design and build quality, Beautiful display, Good keyboard and touchpad, Excellent cooling system

Cons: Glossy display surface

By PCAdvisor on 90

It's big, heavy and outrageously expensive – and at this price the display could offer better-than-HD resolution. However, the dual GPUs of the Alienware 18 really do provide the strongest performance we've yet seen from a gaming laptop. The only question now is whether the forthcoming GeForce 800M series can outdo that performance, in either single or dual-GPU configurations.

By PC Advisor on 90

Alienware is planning an update for its 17-inch gaming laptop that includes the new nVidia GeForce 800M series graphics cards . But even 2014's latest graphics processor is unlikely to match the sheer 3D gaming performance of the dual GPUs housed within...

By HardwareHeaven on -

The first thing which will hit anyone opening the Alienware 18 box is its size. This is a massive system and while it is absolutely possible to sit with it on your lap (I am doing that now to write this review) if you slouch, it begins to be an...

By cnet on 80

There's a premium to be paid, but the massive Alienware 18 is a show-off-worthy desktop replacement that takes down even the newest PC games, and is just plain fun to...

By Good Gear Guide on 90

An excellent desktop replacement for serious gamers, let down only by its ultra-premium...

By on 90

An amazing notebook that is more powerful than many desktop systems available...

By NotebookCheck on 87

Alienware once again lives up to its reputation as a manufacturer of high-end notebooks. The successor of the M18x R2 , simply called 18, not only impresses with its noble design but also with the excellent performance . Nothing comes close to the...

By AnandTech on -

From there you have to decide whether or not this particular monster is really what you're looking for and really fulfills your needs. If you feel like a single 780M is inadequate for your gaming needs, the Alienware 18 is the way to go, but from there I...

By HotHardware on 90

There’s really not much one has to say about the Alienware 18 that isn’t borne out in the benchmarks. The machine tore through our spate of tests and took the top score in almost every one, showing off the horsepower afforded by the mighty Intel Core ...

By AsiaOne on 100

The Alienware 18 is for gamers who want the very best features and performance and are willing to pay its steep...

By Computer Shopper on 80

With its SLI-powered graphics, Core i7 "Haswell" CPU, and a liberal helping of speedy RAM, the Alienware 18 delivers some of the fastest frame rates we've seen to date. It's a hefty beast with a monstrous price tag, however....

By PC Mag on 80

Big, bulky, and ostentatious as heck, the Alienware 18 is the ginormous gaming laptop you want to use to show off your riches on the game...

By LaptopMag on 80

Packing the best of everything -- including two state-of-the-art GPUs -- the Alienware 18 is the quintessential gaming...

International Review By CowcotLand on -

À la Ferme, on a l’habitude de croiser des bestioles en tous genres, mais celle dont il est question aujourd’hui est une espèce plutôt rare. Venu d’une lointaine galaxie, le vaisseau amiral de la flotte extra-terrestre s’est posé à la rédaction. Après...

International Review By on -

На сегодняшний день это один из самых производительных ноутбуков. Он оснащен мощным процессором, двумя топовыми видеокартами и быстрым SSD-накопителем. Это позволяет использовать ноутбук не только для работы с любыми ресурсоемкими приложениями, но и...

International Review By on -

О чём мечтает владелец ноутбука с геймерской видеокартой? Правильно, о двух видеокартах! А ещё о том, чтобы рабочая панель не жгла запястье левой руки, а «рёв мотора», то есть вентиляторов системы охлаждения, не заглушал стоны поверженных противников....

International Review By on -

I en tid hvor majoriteten roper etter ultrabooker her og nettbrett der, er det lett å lure på hva Dell tenker når de atter en gang slår på stortrommen og lanserer den femte generasjonen av sin massive spillbærbare, Alienware 18. For massiv er virkelig det ordet som best beskriver modellen vi har fått tilsendt til test. Den veier inn på ikke mindre enn 5,5 kilogram og skygger for utsikten med sin 18,4-tommer store skjerm. Å dra med seg testobjektet til og fra jobb i en ukes tid har i alle fall fungert godt som treningserstatning for en travel...

International Review By on 87

Overtreffende trap. Alienware heeft geen compromissen gesloten bij z'n nieuwste 18 inch monster. Je hebt niet alleen de keuze uit de beste mobiele quad core CPU's, maar ook de snelste grafische kaarten zijn te verkrijgen. De fabrikant installeert dan...

International Review By NotebookCheck IT on 87

Alienware ancora una volta conferma la sua reputazione di produttore di portatili high-end. Il successore dell' M18x R2 , semplicemente chiamato 18, non solo impressiona con il suo design altero ma anche con le prestazioni eccellenti . Nulla si avvicina...