Dell Precision M6600

  • Dell Precision M6600
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  • Made of sturdy material.
  • Touch-sensitive screen.
  • A bevy of useful ports.


  • Screen resolution could be higher.
  • Awkward middle button.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Videomaker on

The Dell Precision M6600 is perfect for editors needing speed, durability, and plenty of options.Dell...

By ZDNet UK on 85

At £3,123 (ex. VAT), our Precision M6600 review unit is a hefty investment, but if you need to do graphics-intensive computing it's well equipped for the job. With an entry-level price of £1,149 (ex. VAT) and plenty of scope to spend a lot...

By Funkyfresh on

Sunday, 22 January 2012 08:24 The Dell Mobile Precision M6600 workstation with 17.3” UltraSharp 1920x1080 display is an excellent portable platform for video editing. It’s powerful, quiet, runs cool and has a big enough screen to allow for...

By NotebookCheck on 90

Dell has created a very attractive piece of kit in the Precision M6600 mobile workstation. Fundamental aspects such as performance, quality and connectivity are dealt with effortlessly, with users having to accept very little in the way of...

By CRN on

Page 1 of 2 It's hard to imagine that a machine as fast and powerful as a departmental server could be held in one hand and run for hours on battery power. Yet that's the story of the Dell Precision M6600 Mobile Workstation, one of a series of...

By Cadalyst on

Cadalyst The Dell Precision M6600 is the top-of-the-line model in the company's mobile workstation series. Based on Dell’s largest LED-backlit panel and Intel’s newest mobile CPU, the M6600 can substitute for a traditional office-bound...

By PCWorld on 90

When you need a mobile but full-featured workstation, the M6600 will get the job done--but it's massive and pricey. Dell Precision M6600 Mobile Workstation: Businesslike and Capable Dell Precision M6600 Review, by Loyd Case September 19, 2011 Photo:...

International Review By on

В конечном счете, мы имеем полноценный...

International Review By on 90

Dell heeft een zeer aantrekkelijk stukje techniek neergezet met de Precision M6600 mobile workstation. Fundamentele aspecten zoals prestatie, kwaliteit en verbindingsmogelijkheden zijn allemaal zeer goed, waarbij gebruikers vrijwel niet gelimiteerd...

International Review By on

Dell hat mit dem Precision M6600 ganze Arbeit geleistet. Sowohl die äußeren, als auch inneren Werte wissen zu überzeugen. Die Verarbeitung des Gehäuses und die Qualität der Eingabegeräte sind ausgezeichnet. In der gleichen...

International Review By NotebookCheck IT on 90

Dell ha creato uno strumento molto attraente con la workstation mobile Precision M6600. Gli aspetti fondamentali sono le prestazioni, la qualità e la connettività, con gli utenti che devono accettare pochissime limitazioni. L'unico...

International Review By Notebookcheck ES on 90

Dell ha creado un atractivo maquinón con la estación de trabajo móvil Precision M6600. Los aspectos fundamentales tales como el rendimiento, la calidad y la conectividad se consiguen sin esfuerzo, con los usuarios teniendo que aceptar muy...

International Review By Betabuzz on 85

Wer ein bürotaugliches Notebook mit ordentlich Kraft unter der Haube sucht, macht mit dem Dell Precision M6600 nichts falsch: Das Gerät ist genauso vielseitig wie ein Rechner von Lenovo, spart aber gleichzeitig nicht an der...

International Review By on

Keine Lust auf einen PC? Das Dell Precision M6600 i5-2520M ist eine halbwegs mobile Workstation, die eine derart hohe Leistung bereitstellt, dass selbst aktuelle PCs kaum mithalten können. Als CPU ist im Dell Precision M6600 ein Core i5 2520M von...

International Review By Notebookjournal on 90

Vor wenigen Monaten durften wir das Dell Precision M4600 genau betrachten. Im Grunde genommen handelt es sich hierbei um den kleinen Bruder des nun in unserer Redaktion eingegangenen Precision M6600. Nicht nur der Formfaktor von 17,3 Zoll ist...