Dell XPS 15 L521X

  • Dell XPS 15 L521X
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  • Appealing minimalist design.
  • Solid construction.
  • Powerful components.


  • Only a handful of preconfigured builds available.
  • The more powerful options get very expensive.

Expert reviews and ratings

By NotebookReview on 70

This is a glass touchpad covered in the same soft touch paint as the palm rests. The accuracy is good and there is minimal lag but the relatively large touchpad has no obvious palm rejection in the driver ... meaning your cursor will jump across the screen if your palm comes into contact with the touchpad while you type.

By TG on 73

The Dell XPS 15 might seem thick and heavy for an "Ultrabook" but this premium notebook delivers great build quality and performance.

By MobileTechReview on 70

Surface temperatures aren't terribly high, rather Dell is protecting the internals from heat-related failure. That makes it hard to recommend this machine to serious 3D gamers and video editors.

By NotebookCheck on 85

As promised, we will continue to update this review as soon as a possible solution emerges. In the meantime, people primarily interested in game should focus on competing notebooks such as the Asus N56VZ and Apple MacBook Pro 15, of which the 2012 version has recently been tested as well. That said, the XPS 15 is not primarily...

By cnet on 79

You can get similar components to our Core i7 Dell XPS 15 configuration for less, but the rock-solid design makes this feel like a premium machine.

By TechRadar on 90

The final mention must go to the incredible Corning Gorilla Glass, Full HD display. It may not have the "wow" factor of the MacBook Pro with Retina display, but in the PC market we're not sure we've seen anything quite as impressive.

By AnandTech on

I’ve had some good experiences with Dell’s XPS line of laptops over the years, but in virtually every case I’ve had a few minor complaints. The earlier models were large, fast, and too expensive for most users. Then Dell dropped the...

International Review By Notebookjournal on 80

Das Dell XPS 15 L521X ist ein serh gut verarbeitetes Multimedia-Notebook aus einem ansprechenden Material-Mix und besitzt leistungsstarke Komponenten. Die eröffnen dem Nutzer nahezu alle Anwendungsgebiete wie beispielsweise Bild- und...