HP Envy 17 Leap Motion Series

  • HP Envy 17 Leap Motion Series
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  • TouchDisplay.
  • Leap Motion.
  • Good CPU performance.


  • Noisy fan.
  • Battery life under load.

Expert reviews and ratings

By TechRadar on 70

For the price, Leap Motion doesn't add much to this solid build. Look elsewhere for cheaper, comparable laptops.

By TechRadar AU on 70

The HP Envy Leap Motion is kind of odd – you'd think the main selling point is right there, in the name. The Leap Motion controller appears built into a laptop for the first time ever here, and is clearly important to the machine. Except that, well, no...

By PCAdvisor on 80

Full marks to HP for attempting to do something different with the new Envy 17. However, gesture-recognition is still in its infancy and there are few apps that currently use that technology in a way that grabs the imagination. The Envy 17 Leap Motion SE might appeal to a few niche markets at the moment, but at well over £1000 it will probably seem like an expensive luxury for ordinary home and business users.

By TrustedReviews on 60

Leap Motion’s gesture control technology sounds impressive but doesn’t deliver thanks to a lack of consistency and accuracy. Elsewhere, it’s a mixed bag: fast but hampered by high heat and noise levels, with middling battery life, a good keyboard, and a decent screen.

By cybershack.com.au on

I wouldn't buy this laptop just for the Leap motion functionality. Further development of apps and desktop integration needs to happen before I can justify a purchase on those grounds alone. But if you're after a desktop replacement that has some...

By Wired UK on 80

The HP Envy 17 is a top quality laptop with a fine screen and plenty of power for even the most demanding of desktop replacement tasks. But while the 3D motion sensor is a pretty cool party trick, in its current incarnation it's more of a look-at-me...

By NotebookCheck on 81

HP's multimedia powerhouse HP Envy 17 may have changed its face, but its character stays the same. The CPU downgrade from 47 to 37 watts is barely an issue in terms of performance. Quite the opposite, as the GT 750M replacing the GT 740M actually yields...

By businessspectator.com.au on

The idea of gesture based control has so far made its mark in the gaming industry, courtesy of Microsoft's Kinect and Nintendo Wii, but Leap Motion, a relatively modest manufacturer, is aiming to take motion sensing and gesture control mainstream.Making...

By CNET Australia on 70

HP's home for Haswell is more of a mansion than a weekend getaway, with plenty of room for...

By Good Gear Guide on 60

HP's Envy 17 is a big notebook that's suitable as a desktop replacement computer. It has a fourth-generation Intel Core i7 CPU, discrete NVIDIA graphics, and it can be used for almost any mainstream computing task. For the asking price, though, it could...


The HP ENVY 17 is one of the best laptops available because of its large feature set, powerful performance and beautiful design...

By Notebook Review on 80

The folks at HP like to call the ENVY 17 a "premium entertainment PC" and that's not a bad description of this sleek 17-inch notebook. The combination of a powerful Intel Core i7 processor, AMD Radeon graphics, 8GB of RAM and a 1080p display form the basis of a solid high-performance PC. But add the aluminum construction, backlit keyboard and amazing speakers with Beats audio and you've got...

By Dev Hardware on

The HP Envy 17, even in its base configuration, is a great laptop that can replace your desktop due to its size. Its performance is solid, and its combination of a great design plus...

By PC Authority on 83

Slick design, excellent build quality and an all-round powerhouse make this a handy gaming machine on-the-go...

International Review By antyweb.pl on 80

17 cali, dotykowy ekran, mocne podzespoły i nowatorski system Leap Motion. HP wraz ze swoim Envy 17 odważnie atakuje najwyższą półkę laptopów, choć końcowy efekt mógłby być o wiele lepszy…Komunikacja z pierwszymi komputerami przebiegała za pomocą...

International Review By 24gadget.ru on

К сожалению, как обычно, у HP не получилось ничего выдающегося. Жестовый контроллер требует серьезной доработки программного обеспечения, также расстраивают неприятные нюансы вроде качества сборки и тачпада. Характеристики компьютера очень неплохи, но за...

International Review By xataka.com on

Es el turno de hablar del HP Envy 17 LEAP , el siguiente equipo en pasar por nuestra mesa de pruebas. Un ordenador portátil en el que lo que más llamará la atención será LEAP Motion , ese curioso sistema que promete una interacción por gestos y que desde...

International Review By ferra.ru on

HP ENVY 17-j100sr обладает безусловной харизмой: перед нами исчезающий вид честного мультимедийного ноутбука: крупного, мощного, функционального, красивого. Но без недостатков, всё-таки, не обошлось: в их числе не самый удобный кликпад и перегрев...

International Review By chimerarevo.com on

Che cosa dire di questo HP Envy 17-j110el? Un ottimo portatile certamente, che non raggiunge la perfezione per qualche mancanza qua e la , in particolar modo sul fronte GPU, in cui la GTX 740 nel gaming un pò più spinto ha...

International Review By everyeye.it on 80

Con un prezzo approssimativo di 950 €, il notebook di HP si presenta come una soluzione ibrida adatta all'utente in cerca di un terminale adatto tanto allo studio e al lavoro quanto al multimedia, con qualche fugace e sporadica incursione nel mondo dei...