Lenovo Essential G505s

  • Lenovo Essential G505s
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  • Great keyboard.
  • Capacious hard drive.
  • Low price.


  • Unexciting screen.
  • Poor memory configuration.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PCAdvisor on 70

The limited battery life is disappointing, but that's not a fatal flaw since a large laptop like the G505s isn't going to spend a lot of time out and about anyway. Other features, such as performance, screen quality and the comfortable keyboard, are all good for a laptop in this price range...

By PC Advisor on 70

Ever since the launch of Windows 8 , PC manufacturers have been trying to sell us expensive Ultrabooks and tablets , and convertible tablets that think they're Ultrabooks. However, the top-selling laptops still tend to be unglamorous 15-inch models that...

By NotebookCheck on 75

Lenovo G505s-20255 More would have been possible: Lenovo's G505s-20255 cannot keep the promise it makes on paper in practice. Particularly aggravating is the CPU's obvious faulty clock management, which leads to performance losses of up to 50 percent....

By TechRadar on 60

It's still potentially good value if you're prepared to upgrade the memory the moment you buy it. But ultimately, it doesn't quite shine enough to make us want to recommend it. Whatever you want the machine for, there's going to be a more focused offering available that will shine where this fails to.

By NotebookCheck on 77

Lenovo G505s The Lenovo G505s offers sufficient power to perform most of the tasks. Moreover, the device does not get very warm in idle mode and uses energy economically. In addition, the notebook works at a very low noise level throughout the work...

International Review By ferra.ru on -

Пришло время подытожить все вышесказанное. Несмотря на причисление Lenovo G505s к классу так называемых «тонких» лэптопов, такой разницы в толщине и весе, как между Lenovo ThinkPad T431s и T430, у сегодняшнего героя и Lenovo G505 нет. Протестированный...

International Review By notebookcheck.nl on 75

Verspild potentieel. Een betaalbare multimedia laptop met een quad-core APU, 16 GB RAM en Crossfire graphics - dat klinkt bijna te goed om waar te zijn. De Lenovo G505s lijkt een bijna ongeëvenaard prijs-prestatie mededinger op papier, maar hij heeft ook...

International Review By NotebookCheck on 75

Un potentiel énorme gâché. Un ordinateur portable multimédia abordable comprenant un APU quad-core, 16 Go de mémoire vive RAM et un système double carte graphique Crossfire : cela semble presque trop beau pour être vrai. En effet, le Lenovo G505s semble...

International Review By notebookcheck.org on 75

Potencial malgastado. Un portáitl multimedia asequible con una APU quad-core, 16 GB de RAM y gráfica Crossfire - suena casi demasiado bueno para ser verdad. De hecho, el Lenovo G505s parece sobre el papel un paquete precio-rendimiento virtualmente...

International Review By NotebookCheck IT on 75

Potenziale sprecato. Un laptop multimedia con APU quad-core, 16 GB di RAM e grafica Crossfire. Suona troppo bello per essere vero. Di fatto, il Lenovo G505s sembra essere un dispositivo senza pari, sulla carta, ma ha diversi problemi...

International Review By NotebookCheck on 77

Le grand écart. Lenovo choisit un APU AMD de la génération Richland pour sa nouvelle série G505s. De plus, il y a aussi une carte graphique Radeon GPU et les deux solutions graphiques coopèrent avec la connexion Crossfire. On dirait que Lenovo essaye de...

International Review By NotebookCheck IT on 77

Lenovo G505s Il Lenovo G505s offre tutta la potenza necessaria ai normali compiti quotidiani. Inoltre, il dispositivo non si scalda molto in attesa e utilizza l'energia in modo economico. Il notebook è silenzioso anche con i carichi più pesanti. La...

International Review By notebookcheck.org on 77

Pillado en el medio. Lenovo eligió APU's AMD de la generación Richland para la nueva serie G505s. Además, ponen una GPU Radeon dedicada en los portátiles, así que hay dos núcleos gráficos funcionando en Crossfire. Suena a que Lenovo está ofreciendo un...