MSI GE40 Dragon Eyes

  • MSI GE40 Dragon Eyes
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  • Nvidia GTX760M kicks ass with the latest Direct X 11 games.
  • Intel Core i7 4702MQ is a powerhouse mobile chip.
  • Excellent keyboard.


  • Runs hot.
  • No Full HD IPS display.

Expert reviews and ratings

By NotebookCheck on 80

Soldier in 14-inch format MSI has it difficult in the 14-inch compact gaming notebook market. Except for its good battery life, the GE40 can't set itself apart from the (mostly more expensive) competition. While the Razer Blade (85%) can win over...

By PCPer on

The GE40 is an uncommon blend of performance and portability that had, before now, not yet been accomplished to this extreme. It’s safe to say that it offers enough power to run even modern titles on medium settings (and some even higher) without many...

By on

The MSI GE40-2OC is an impressive little laptop. It's the not the lightest or most silent 14-inch laptop. On the contrary, it packs as much powerful hardware that's possible in a very small package. 1.9 kg of gaming power, consisting of a quad-core...

By Computer Shopper on 80

MSI takes on the ritzy Razer Blade—for hundreds of dollars less—with a thin and light 14-inch gaming laptop featuring quad-core, fourth-gen Core i7 and GeForce GTX 760M muscle. It won't set frame-rate records, but it'll deliver satisfying gaming...

By TechReviewSource on 80

The MSI GE40 2OC-009US is a gaming ultrabook that delivers solid performance on the go, with a low price and a few flaws that can be...

By AnandTech on

The truth is, we’re probably still a couple years away from seeing this level of performance in a laptop this size that runs cool and quiet; physics can be such a drag, but fixing the LCD would go a long way towards addressing our complaints. As it stands, we can only sigh and think about what might have been.

By Live at PC on 84

As far as gaming machines go, it’s hard to predict where this will fall. Yes, it lists some impressive specifications; but it’s much too early to say how the competition will stack up. On its own, the performance is not bad. Benchmark scores are higher than any I’ve experienced, although nobody gives me many gaming notebooks to play around with.

By TechnologyWriter on 70

This laptop offer more space, powerful enough, nice graphics, sounds good and all the ports are included. But no optical drive, less battery power and little heavy and the overall design made us very sad. If you look on the processor side, graphics and storage this will do the job only things is that you have to buy an extra optical drive.

By on 75

They say ‘good things come in small packages’ and if MSI have a say in it, then their new 14 inch GE40 with ‘Dragon Eyes’ will be winning your heart. This diminutive gamers laptop features the latest Nvidia GTX760M graphics, paired up with the quad...

By HardwareZone on 85

For the MSI GE40, what you are paying for really are the components in its chassis: the fantastically frugal and capable Intel Core i7-4702MQ, the powerful GeForce GTX 760M and the pair of blazing quick mSATA SSDs.

By LaptopMag on 70

The MSI GE40 packs very powerful specs and long battery life into a lightweight 14-inch laptop, but it runs hot when gaming.

International Review By on

小編看著手上的紅蝴蝶,想著招喚龍魂出來吧,想著想著感覺有點癡放下手上的紅蝴蝶 赫然發現...發現...有個龍牢在小編酒桌上,蒼天有眼 上帝聽到了小編的心聲原來這款是msi最新Haswell架構的輕薄14吋電競筆電 ~GE40-龍魂之眼~ Intel Haswell I7-4702mq處理器、14吋1600*900霧面、Nvidia GTX760M...

International Review By NotebookCheck on 80

Une petite centrale à elle seule. MSI prend beaucoup de risque avec son GE40. Composants de pointe ultra-rapides griffés Intel et Nvidia le tout dans un châssis compact et poids-plume de 14 pouces. Qu'en est-il de la nuisance sonore et de la chauffe...

International Review By Notebookcheck RU on 80

Перед нами - компактный, но достаточно доступный игровой ноутбук, что подразумевает компромиссы в существенном количестве. Естественно, часть этих компромиссов навязывается производителем искусственно. В этом нет ничего предосудительного, лишь чистый...

International Review By on 80

W kategorii laptopów do gier z ekranem 14-calowym MSI GE40 wyróżnia się pozytywnie co najwyżej czasami pracy na akumulatorze. Razer Blade oferuje ładną, cienką, świetnie zrobioną obudowę, a Alienware 14 - niebanalne wzornictwo, bogate wyposażenie w...

International Review By on 80

Krieger im 14-Zoll-Format Im Segment der kompakten 14-Zoll-Gamer hat es MSI schwer. Mit Ausnahme der Akkulaufzeit kann sich das GE40 nicht von der (zumeist teureren) Konkurrenz distanzieren. Während das Razer Blade (85 %) mit einem schicken, dünnen und...

International Review By on 94

Gaming notebook MSI GE40 20C ini hadir dengan paket penjualan yang melimpah. Dengan spesifikasi tinggi yang diusungnya mampu memberikan performa yang tinggi, baik untuk pekerjaan sehari-hari maupun untuk bermain game . Meskipun gaming notebook ini...

International Review By on 95

MSI GE40 2OC Dragon Eyes, oyunculara sunulmuş harika bir seçenek. Kaliteli tasarımı ve hafif ile ince yapıda olmasıyla mobil oyuncuları da sevindirecek olan dizüstü, yüksek oyun performansıyla da göz dolduruyor. Bu arada GE40 2OC'nin sahip olduğu...

International Review By on

MSI GE40 2OC-015XPL to propozycja dla osób poszukujących mobilnego laptopa nadającego się do grania w nowoczesne i zaawansowane produkcje bez spowolnień i przy pełnej jakości detali. Nie pozostaje on oczywiście bez wad, takich jak słaba kultura pracy czy...

International Review By on

14 inçlik ekrana sahip olan GE40, hafifliği ve inceliğiyle, dünyanın en taşınabilir oyun dizüstü bilgisayar ı olma iddiasında! Yeni nesil Haswell mimarili Intel Core i7 işlemcisi ve Nvidia GTX 760M grafik yongası sayesinde üst seviyede performansa sahip...