Razer Naga Molten Special Edition

  • Razer Naga Molten Special Edition
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  • Comfortable design, 12button thumb grid is very effective, Molten design looks great.
  • Attractive design. Good configuration software. Surprisingly easy to learn. Add-on software customizes game interface.


  • For righthand use only

Expert reviews and ratings

By CNET Australia on 85

The Naga is aimed at a select crowd, but it definitely has its appeal. If you just can't get enough buttons for your WoW raids, this could be your ticket to...

By wccftech.com on 82

Razer is a privately held, USA based, company that specializes in computer products for gamers. These include mice, keyboard, gaming surfaces (read: mouse pads) and audio products. Razer also makes controller for Xbox 360 gaming console.Razer's claim to...

By LanOC Reviews on 80

At the start of our review I asked is the Naga Molten Edition is going to be hot or fizzle out. With seventeen customizable buttons, in game integration, great software, and a HOT looking design glowing on top there is no way you can deny it as a...

By tbreak.ae on 80

The ascension of Deathwing (i.e. the release of Cataclysm) last year also heralded the release of the Razer Naga Molten Special Edition mouse as well. As with the release of any MMO, it takes some time for things to get sorted, the excitement to get...

By PC Mag on 70

Razer has gone all out in pursuit of MMO gamers with the Naga line of 17-button gaming mice, but how much use you'll find it depends on the size of your online gaming addiction—and on your right hand. Buy it...

By mashable.com on

Look out hardcore gamers — the Razer Naga Molten Edition Gaming Mouse is almost here. You’re probably already familiar with the Razer Naga Expert MMO Gaming Mouse released a year ago, but I’ll bet you haven’t seen it in its latest Molten Edition...

By HardwareHeaven on 90

When first using the Naga there is a period of adjustment as the user learns how to best activate the thumb buttons however the training guides provided with the mouse help us get used to the unusual layout. After this short period of adjustment we...

International Review By neitsabes.fr on

Les jours passent et les souris ne se ressemblent pas Encore une nouvelle bête qui vient se glisser entre mes mains ! Cette fois-ci, c'est une...

International Review By CNET.de on 85

Die Razer Naga adressiert zwar eine sehr spezielle Zielgruppe, hat aber definitiv ihren Reiz. Wer einfach nicht genügend Tasten für seine WoW-Raids haben kann, wird die Molten-Edition der Razer Naga einfach lieben. Fanden Sie diesen Testbericht...

International Review By Fragbite on 40

Jag har genom åren haft möjlighet att testa ett helt gäng möss från Razer och resultaten brukar vara lite blandade. De optiska mössen som T ex DeathAdder och Boomslang 2007 fungerade ypperligt, men deras möss med lasersensor har lämnat en hel del över...

International Review By techno-kitchen.com on

статья была опубликована на http://ferralabs.ru/index.php?news=6681Константин Иванов irkutsk2@mail.ruДве мышиСегодня обзор двух мышей – обновленной Naga и Imperator. Модели вовсе не являются соперниками и не конкурируют друг с другом. Тем не менее...

International Review By techno-kitchen.com on

Razer Naga Molten Special Edition – законченный, качественный продукт, к которому ни добавить, ни убавить. Заточена исключительно под MMORPG-игры. Как Saitek X52 Pro для авиасимуляторов, так и Razer Naga – для ролевых онлайновых проектов....

International Review By Hardwarelabs on

Unser heutiger Test richtet sich besonders an die MMORPG-Spieler. Titel wie World Of Warcraft, Herr der Ringe Online oder Aion verlangen neben einer guten Maus auch eine breite Palette schnell zugänglicher Tasten. Razer hat genau für diese Zielgruppe...