Smartfish Whirl Laser Mouse w/ Anti-Gravity Comfort Pivot

  • Smartfish Whirl Laser Mouse w/ Anti-Gravity Comfort Pivot
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  • Extremely ergonomic design, Not a bad price for a wireless mouse, DPI settings are good for nongaming activities
  • Comfortable after adjustment period, Long battery life.
  • Excellent tracking, Glides across good mousepad, Supposedly better for you than a regular mouse


  • Extreme ergonomic design can cause you to focus on your hand, Not sensitive enough for gaming, Design is extremely cheap
  • Limited programmable features, Takes some time to adjust to design, No Bluetooth compatibility

Expert reviews and ratings

By Computerworld on

The Whirl Ergonomic Pivoting Laser Mouse was designed to try to prevent that. According to the company site, the mouse...

By GadgetReview on 70

Rating:I've been using an old Microsoft mouse with my desktop – I've had the same mouse for three years, and while I know I need to replace it, I love the feel of it. So it's just my luck that while I was looking around for a new ergonomic mouse, the...

By Appletell on 80

I like that the raised positioning kept the base of my palm and my wrist off the desk, which is a bad habit I can’t seem to break. And left handed users will be happy to note that the Whirl is designed for...

By on 70

A specialist design and it works well but it is far from ideal for...

By on 70

What Smartfish seems to have created is a £15 mouse, mounted on top of a £25 pivot, and I can't help thinking that for a few quid more having a better mouse would have been worthwhile. But after a few hours of intensive use, coughing up the extra for...

By Macworld on 80

The Whirl Laser Mouse provides your wrist with the comfort it needs for basic computer operation. Its energy consumption qualities are also impressive—you’re not going to have to change the mouse’s batteries all that often. It doesn’t revolutionize...

By Testfreaks on 80

I guess if you're willing to put time into getting accustomed to the Whirl then it might be a benefit to people that use a mouse all day. It's certainly going to take a lot to get accustomed to and there is a learning and unlearning period involved with...

By on

Before I talk about the actual design of the Smartfish Whirl Laser Mouse ($49.95), I wanted to give a tip of the hat to the team at Smartfish for coming up with a comfortable shell that doesn't look like it came out of Doctor Caligari's cabinet . ...

By Testfreaks on 90

The Smartfish Whirl is great little mouse that can be used on any surface with no difficulties and perfect tracking.The Whirl is well made and it's wireless over USB so you can be free of the cord.The USB receiver stores in the back of the mouse for safe...