• HP x2301
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  • Striking design.
  • Striking design.
  • Stylish design, Thin, space-saving profile, Good color, motion, and small text quality.


  • Mediocre screen performance
  • Mediocre screen performance.

Expert reviews and ratings

By uk.hardware.info on

The monitor will always remain the main focal point of a PC, no matter if you're a casual user, die-hard overclocker or hardware enthusiast. It's the component you will be staring at the most. The market for computer screens became quite rich in 2012,...

By Macworld on 60

Photograph by Robert CardinLaptops and tablets seem to get most of the attention these days—after all, they’re great for working on the run. But once you settle down at your desk, it’s nice to stretch out with the generous real estate that only a...

By PC World on 60

The x2301 stands out with its striking translucent base and glossy screen, but its viewing angle and screen uniformity are...

By PC Mag on 60

The HP x2301 is a razor thin 23-inch LCD monitor that will dress up even the dreariest of desktops. It does a good job of displaying small text and delivers evenly saturated colors and artifact-free video but has trouble displaying light and dark...

By Digital Trends on 85

While it can’t match the viewing angle or contrast of pricier monitors with IPS panels, the x2301 will make a majority of users extremely happy for the $249 price...

By CNET Australia on 70

The HP x2301's low price, good performance, and sound design make it a new high-water mark for budget...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Een monitor blijft het onderdeel van je computer waar je het meest tegenaan kijkt, zelfs als verwoede overklokker of hardware freak. Het beeldschermenaanbod is het laatste jaar een stuk gevarieerder geworden. Reden genoeg voor Hardware.Info om weer...

International Review By chip.com.my on

The HP x2301 may have a few minor display niggles — the viewing angles and somewhat reflective screen, for example — but with it you get a slim, space-saving monitor that looks fantastic and stylish, and not to mention being able to provide some...

International Review By CNET France on 72

Avec son design réussi, des performances globalement bonnes et son prix attractif, le x2301 se pose comme une référence parmi les moniteurs d’entrée de...

International Review By 01Net on 40

Pour tirer parti du HP x2301 en dehors de la bureautique, il faut absolument le calibrer. Si vous n'utilisez pas de sonde colorimétrique, il arrivera à faire illusion, mais les jeux sont de toute façon exclus. Pour un moniteur vendu 200 euros, nous...

International Review By pcworld.pl on 50

HP X2301 ma bardzo atrakcyjną obudowę, jako monitor jest średniakiem. Do strzelanek jest nieco za wolny, filmy też nie wyjdą najlepiej. Na półkach sklepowych konkuruje z Flatronem E2260V z LG, ViewSonikiem VG2436 oraz Samsungiem SyncMaster...