Insignia Infocast 8 inch Internet Media Display NS-DP8CH

  • Insignia Infocast 8 inch Internet Media Display NS-DP8CH
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  • Eightinch touchscreen, rich collection of free widgets, inexpensive.
  • The Infocast weaves Web apps, digital photos, and streaming audio and video into an affordable, tablet-esque superscreen.
  • Well-designed user interface. Bright, responsive touch-screen. Can store up to 2GB of media. Intuitive, useful alarm clock. Strong integration of outside apps into menu system.


  • Crappy speakers, resistive (versus capacitive) touchscreen.
  • With all its features, the Infocast isn't for the technologically timid. Its sheer size makes it awkward for use as an alarm clock.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Maximum PC on 80

Growing up Chumby If you like the Chumby, you’ll dig Best Buy’s take on the Internet appliance. The Infocast runs the Chumby operating system, but it has a much larger touch screen, a faster CPU, a memory card reader, and 2GB of internal...

By cnet on 77

It won't slice or dice, brew your coffee, or fetch your slippers, but the Insignia Infocast's ability to put news, music, photos, calendars, and social networks at your fingertips makes it a worthy addition to today's digitally-enabled...

By PC Mag on 80

The nascent category of touch-screen, widget-based, Wi-Fi alarm clocks sees its first winner with the Insignia Infocast, which is well designed, fun, and easy to use....