7 Grand Steps

  • 7 Grand Steps
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  • Unique way of telling a complex story
  • Deceptively simple and easy to pick up
  • Ripe for multiple playthroughs.


  • Failure can feel too luck-based
  • Optional ruling games add variety but can take a while to achieve.

Expert reviews and ratings

By technologytell.com on

Mousechief is known for unconventional games. It's last title, Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble , was an adventure game set on a game board that was akin to the Game of Life. Now, it's come up with 7 Grand Steps , a family simulation that...

By MacLife on 80

A rare treat, 7 Grand Steps is an ambitious and daring strategy game that balances its epic scope with a humble narrative about family ties.

By GameZebo on 90

It can also encourage you to forget: what time it is, how long you've been playing, and when you have to get up in the morning to get ready for work. One more turn, one more tale, one more generation; once you get started, you won't want to stop.

By Jayisgames on 80

7 Grand Steps truly is a grand game, spanning ages of human life and telling stories with each token you drop. It's one of the most meaningful indie game experiences I've come across in a very long time, and that it's so accessible even to a casual player is nothing short of legendary.

By CalmDownTom on 60

The game is perfect for people who enjoy playing strategy games and exploring stories, as well as a bit of history. It is a relaxing game, for anyone who enjoys casual gaming every now and again. However, if you are a fan of fast-paced action with flashy animations and effects, perhaps this is not quite the game for you.

By GGSGamer on 80

7 Grand Steps hides a deeply strategic experience behind its deceptively simple and charming graphical appearance, and players who can see beyond it will get to enjoy a 15-20 hour immersive and engaging gaming experience.

By IndieGameReviewer on 90

Using a seemingly simple early 20th century coin-operated machine as its analog, 7 Grand Steps manages to capture something touching, delicate and intellectually stimulating.

By TbreakingP on 100

I say this is a fine game, with a great deal of work and attention to detail put into it. If you’re looking for a relaxing and casual challenge to pass some time on a rainy evening, give 7 Grand Steps a shot!

By GameSpot on 70

There is both a little and a lot to the package, and it is at once simple and complex. Mousechief strikes enough balance with all of these elements to make 7 Grand Steps worthwhile as both a story and a game, even when both sides have faults.

By GameSpot on 70

An engaging combination of board game mechanics and pure storytelling, 7 Grand Steps is an addictive telling of one family's journey through...