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  • It’s pretty simple and fun. It’s great if you have friends on Steam to play with though you could practice on your own in single player. The Software Development Kit (SDK) is available to all Steam users.
  • Fast Paced and intense combat with a nice leveling system.


  • Occasional graphics slowdown, sometimes controls can make things difficult, far too linear.
  • Way to short of a campaign and little replay value.

Expert reviews and ratings

By UMLan on

Today we are going to be taking a closer look at newest release by Valve, Alien Swarm. Alien Swarm is a third person coop shooter that takes on Aliens head on. With great graphics and fun game play this release should be acquired by everyone. The...

By GamerTell on 94

It’s rare when you can actually apply the “you get what you pay for” thought to something cheap and have it mean something. It usually means that you went for the lowest price or bidder and the workmanship will likely be pretty shoddy....

By Gameplay Monthly on 75

Alien Swarm is a 3rd Person Shooter created by Valve the PC. It features a rather unique bird’s-eye view camera, from where you see your character and the characters your partners are playing as. Four people can play at a time, and that’s...

By Hooked Gamers on 80

You know that sweet little dessert that you look forward to after dinner? Well, that’s exactly what Alien Swarm is, because once you get to it, it is a blast which you thoroughly enjoy until it suddenly, sadly comes to an end. Alien Swarm is a 3rd...

By Games Radar on 60

Well, the success of Left 4 Dead was bound to inspire similar works, and that’s precisely was Alien Swarm is. As our more astute readers might have guessed, Alien Swarm delivers exactly what the title promises: Aliens and lots of ‘em. Like...

By GamePlanet on 85

If you can't see why Valve releasing a completely free online co-op title isn't supremely awesome, we can't help...

By The Buzz Media on

Heads up to the gamers out there, Valve is giving away their new 4-player co-op, top-down, action-based game Alien Swarm today over Steam; the game “unlocks” in a couple of hours for anyone wanting to install it.Alien Swarm was developed by...

International Review By PCMweb on 70

Hoewel Alien Swarm voor een gratis spel echt degelijk in elkaar zit, loopt het toch het risico om saai te worden door gebrek aan levels en de wat repetitieve gameplay. Met gebruik van mods en door het samenspelen met vrienden is dit gemis deels op te...

International Review By on 80

Är du en av de gamla rävar som saknar klassiker som Alien Breed och Chaos Engine? Tillhör du även de som till högsta grad uppskattar att spela co-op med vänner? Då bör du ta en titt på Alien Swarm. Alien...

International Review By GamerLobby on 79

Das größte positive Argument für Alien Swarm ist und bleibt, dass das Spiel kostenlos erhältlich ist. Dennoch ist das Spiel vor allem mit drei Freunden sehr spaßig und unterhält für ein drei bis vier Stunden. Hinzu...

International Review By Eurogamer on 90

Hvad er prisen hvis du lægger onde rumvæsener sammen med 4 spillers co-op, store automatvåben og muligheden for at designe egne baner? Et stort rundt nul, hvis du spørger Valve. Deres nyeste spil ’Alien Swarm’ er i hvert...