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  • Great multiplayer.
  • Stealth level brings some suspense.


  • Some bugs.
  • Not so challenge.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Authority on 33

The development cycle of Aliens: Colonial Marines has not been an easy one. Out now, it slipped its original due date by three or four years, and has been in development since at least 2006. That's five years to make a game based one of the most beloved...

By HardOCP on

Aliens: Colonial Marines is the third game in the Aliens series, and was released on February 12th, 2013. It is a first-person shooter game where players control Corporal Christopher Winter. The game takes place immediately after the events in the third...

By Strategy Informer on 40

By now you’ve read the reports. Aliens: Colonial Marines is not worth six months’ development time, let alone six years, and after all the hype we’ve ended up with a sub-par shooter that fails to live up to any expectations. I went into the game...

By PC Advisor on 20

This latest of oh-so-many embarrassments bearing the much-abused Aliens name was six years in development, but you'd be forgiven for thinking Aliens: Colonial Marines was churned out in six months. Admittedly, the online pillorying this first-person...

By Expert Reviews on 20

Far less fun than frenching a facehugger...

By 1Up on 38

About an hour into Aliens: Colonial Marines, it's hard to find a reason to keep playing. At least that's exactly how I felt during my solo campaign run. Xenomorphs -- the creepy, black-suited extraterrestrials from the Hollywood films -- often...

By GiantBomb on 20

It's strange and depressing thing to consider a game like Aliens: Colonial Marines. Think of all the potential, the time, the effort, the budget used up over these last several years, only to produce something so deeply, fundamentally flawed in every facet of its execution.

By Yet Another Review Site on 70

Now all we need is a deck of cards….Man, I've waited a long time for this. And as is often the case with something you wait so long for, it's all too easy to expect too much. As a canon sequel to one of the greatest action films ever made, Aliens:...

By GameSpot on 45

Instead, Aliens: Colonial Marines is a shallow bit of science-fiction fluff with cheap production values and an indifferent attitude. It's forgettable enough to deem unnecessary, which is a grievous sin for a game in a universe brimming with so much potential.

By IGN on 45

Aliens: Colonial Marines is an uninspired and unfinished game, and not remotely worthy as a sequel to the Aliens film.

By Edge on 50

While the intentions of all concerned have no doubt been pure – Gearbox in its aim to create a true sequel to Cameron’s punchy action hit, and 20th Century Fox in giving the developer a green light to tinker with the central thread of a billion-dollar film series – the final result is a familiar mismanagement...

By GameTrailers on 59

Relying on dated storytelling techniques and technology, and stretching way too far to provide a plausible link between the second and third films, Aliens: Colonial Marines isn’t able to connect its action to any real sense of drama or terror, completely missing the aspect of psychological horror that gave the film its edge.

By PCGamer on 48

A middling shooter with a wildly inconsistent tone. Decent multiplayer is hindered by questionable longevity.

By T3 on 80

But Aliens Colonial Marines remains fun and consistently engaging throughout. Just be aware, there are some kinks going in and temper your expectations accordingly.

By EuroGamer on 30

Even if it were polished to an acceptable, 2013-standard AAA shine, Colonial Marines would still only be a generic effort coasting on borrowed iconography. Weighed down by so many grindingly obvious mechanical issues, it never even gets off the ground. For a game all about exterminating bugs, it's a fatal irony.

By GamesRadar on 50

Aliens has struggled to get a proper one of its own in the past decade. Aliens: Colonial Marines continues this disappointing trend, making for an experience that's more Aliens: Resurrection than it is Aliens.

By Pocket-lint on 70

Colonial Marines offers some first-person shooting thrills, but otherwise this patchwork of a game is an example of how delays and, therefore, anticipation can work to negative effect: the character and alien delivery, despite technical accuracy,...

By GameSpot on 45

The dull, unattractive Aliens: Colonial Marines is a functional shooter, but little...

By Cheat Code Central on 50

Before we begin, there are two things that you need to know about me: 1. I'm not particularly manly.2. I have a soft spot for big-budget monster movies. So, when SEGA and Gearbox announced that they would be teaming up to make Aliens: Colonial Marines...

By GameSpy on 40

Sega first announced Aliens: Colonial Marines way back in 2006, impregnating gamers with the promise of a modern squad-based alien kill-fest in one of science fiction and horror's most loved (and feared) universes. Unfortunately, what has finally...