Baldurs Gate II: Enhanced Edition

  • Baldurs Gate II: Enhanced Edition
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  • A staggeringly large and varied role-playing game.
  • Brilliantly realized characters, environments, and monsters.


  • Only limited tutorial to introduce a very complex game system.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Gaming Nexus on 88

The original game is a classic. The “Enhanced Edition” is a near-clone, with some additional content. If you haven't played it before, or would like a deep RPG to put on your tablet, this is a good buy. It is $20 for the Enhanced Edition...

By GameSpot on 70

As much as I've gotten used to modern, hold-your-hand RPGs like Mass Effect 3, there is something to be said for this take-no-prisoners blast from the past, especially if you love old-timey D&D as much as I do. And even if you don't have this particular predilection, you should check the game out...

By GameSpot on

Where Dungeons & Dragons is concerned, I've always been old-school. I got into the game as a child at the end of the 1970s, during the Gygaxian glory days when the big game was still Advanced and still loaded with more inscrutable numbers than a...

By EuroGamer on 80

Whatever your choice, you're likely to lose whole weeks inching your way through dungeons in the dark, lost in a game with few frills from an era where the dialogue mattered much more than seeing every conversation carefully animated. Just be prepared for it to be difficult, dangerous, deadly - a relic of a less forgiving age.

By Maximum PC on 50

Brief personal confession: I've been a huge Baldur's Gate fan ever since I was a kid. I used to ceremoniously dump CD-ROM after CD-ROM into my not-so-impressive desktop PC in an effort to digitally recreate some of the crazy fun I used to have...

By Strategy Informer on 80

While Baldur’s Gate started Bioware off on the path to fame and is still a great RPG, many players will point to the sequel as the greatest RPG of all time. How fortunate then that after developer Beamdog’s success with the Baldur’s...

By on

Baldur's Gate really rocked the gaming world when it first came out. It wasn't simply the sweet (for the time) graphics, decent storyline, and reasonable adherence to 2nd Edition Dungeons and Dragons ( D&D ) rules that made it a must-play, it...

By OmniGamer on 65

The occasional new character aside, it’s largely as you remember it, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but a crisper resolution and a handful of new faces is far from what I’d call “enhanced”. This might be a great way to get younger or newer gamers involved in a true classic...

By StickSkills on 85

What content is added is enjoyable, and the game runs without a problem on a modern machine. If you’re looking for a reason to revisit the RPG classic, Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition is a well made, if slightly expensive option.

By HardcoreGamer on 90

Old fans of the game have good reason to come back, and new players may find themselves overwhelmed at first, but taking the time to learn the ins and outs of this classic CRPG will pay dividends.

By TheEscapist on 70

The enhancements aren't quite ready for prime-time, but Baldur's Gate II remains one of the greatest RPGs of all time and an unsurpassed D&D experience. The improvements to the interface are fantastic, and if the new content gets the final wax-and-polish it deserves, it will be too.

By Twinfinite on 40

If you have not played this before, perhaps you should check out the first one. Maybe importing a character and knowing the rules and world a bit would have alleviated many of my frustrations, but as it stands, I don’t see the appeal.

By GameZebo on 90

Those encountering the game for the first time might find the dizzying scale of content and obtuse underlying systems off-putting. But I would encourage them to persevere. By building on top of the colossal edifice of the tabletop RPG, Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition achieves a depth of setting...

By TheControllerOnline on 80

A must have for fans of the original and for newcomers who want to know how games used to be played.

International Review By Eurogamer on 70

Lad os bare slå det fast med det samme - Baldur's Gate II er et af de allerbedste rollespil nogensinde og har du ikke spillet det, bør du se at komme i gang! Udviklerne Beamdog og Overhaul Games har tidligere genopfrisket det originale...