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  • Incredible map design.
  • Dynamic environments.
  • Rewarding Commander Mode.


  • Mode/map mismatches.
  • Mediocre single-player.

Expert reviews and ratings

By TechSpot on

Let's just admit it. Battlefield 4 was never a game you were going to play for the single-player. And thank god for that, because in DICE's latest entry in their fantastic, consistently polished military first-person shooter series, the campaign is...

By TechSpot on

With roots that stretch back more than a decade and enough fans to justify new content every year, Battlefield is among the handful of franchises that needs no introduction around here. Even if you hate EA's approach modern military madness, you can...

By Maximum PC on 80

Stop. Any review you previously read about Battlefield 4 was flat-out wrong. Wrong, we tell you. That's because any short review based on near-gold code or just a few hours or even a day's worth of play can't be complete. In fact, we don't even consider...

By PC Mag on 70

After breezing through campaign mode and wondering why you bought this game, you'll come to realize that a great online multiplayer experience is the only way to enjoy Battlefield 4. Massive battles on land, sea, and air will keep you coming back for...

By What Mobile on 80

Say what you want about cinematic shooters; when they’re done right they can be absolutely breathtaking. And I have to admit that’s how I found myself after the first level of Battlefield 4′s campaign – breathless. Despite the hollow nature of its ‘look...

By Gaming Nexus on 85

Battlefield 4 moves the franchise forward significantly but is held back by technical...

By on 80

Battlefield is back (again). It's bigger, beefier, prettier and more power hungry than ever. But is it actually any good? I think so, and I think Dice deserves a large amount of credit. Undoubtedly, following up the gigantic undertaking that was...

By eTeknix on

Battlefield 4 has been one of the biggest game releases so far this year for gamers on all gaming platforms. The FPS title from EA and DICE has got off to a relatively shaky start with numerous audio, graphical and gameplay problems across the various...

By Yet Another Review Site on 90

In the battle of Call of Duty vs Battlefield, I have always been on the side of Battlefield. Not because it is a better game, but because it is the game that suits my playing style most. They are hard games to compare really. One is all about twitch...

By Vortez on

Given that the Battlefield series is primarily a multiplayer experience your money can stretch as far as you want it to. As I mentioned earlier, if you are considering buying this purely for the single player experience than I advise against that. It...

By HardOCP on

Battlefield 4 is a unique game, pushing PC gaming forward by challenging video card performance. It is also pushing PC gaming forward in other ways; in terms of API and OS. With AMD's Mantle on the horizon, this game may shake up the industry even...


"Battlefield 4" returns as one of the hottest first-person shooters (FPS) available for gamers. While it features a character-driven single-player campaign, this new multiplayer game for October puts its best foot forward in the online realm. PC gamers...

By Expert Reviews on 80

Battlefield gets bigger, louder and a whole lot more intense, but it's more of the same for series...

By Tom's Guide on 80

"Battlefield 4's" single player campaign is graphically gorgeous, but that beauty is unfortunately marred by a lackluster and overwhelmingly clichéd gameplay and story. However, those who purchase the game for its multiplayer mode will not be...

By New Game Network on 81

Single player is little more than a flashy tutorial. Multiplayer receives several improvements and holds impressive value. Without the numerous technical faults, Battlefield 4 would be a great entry in the...

By on 70

EA has been trying hard to fight the behemoth that is the Call of Duty franchise. While the Medal of Honor series failed in its attempts to bring Activision's FPS series down, the Battlefield franchise has managed to stay strong. EA released what can...

By on

It's fair to say that the Battlefield franchise is built on its ability to create large-scale, varied conflicts on a much larger scale than the competition. Battlefield 4 promises to up the visual ante of its predecessor while providing a host of new,...

By Trusted Reviews on 80

Play it on PC, however, and the blockbuster feel and epic warfare of authentic Battlefield come through, with some brilliant maps and polished gameplay. Levolution may or may not be a gimmick, but on PC this is another brilliant Battlefield and one of the best multiplayer games around.

By Pocket-lint on 80

While Battlefield 4 is an undeniably a comprehensive package, Dice seems to have simply stuck its arm into the grab bag of Battlefield ideas past and present and thrown together whatever came out. As such, it will be familiar to fans of the...

By HardcoreGamer on 90

Gamers come to Battlefield to drive ATVs strapped with C4 into enemy tanks, barrage enemy troops with RPG-fire while parachuting from their buddy’s helicopter and more outrageous activities that Battlefield 4 delivers in spades. With improvements and additions to the tried and true formula, the lackluster single-player can’t hold the game down - the explosive multiplayer playground simply must be experienced.