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  • Oldfashioned shoot'emup action molds itself to your own custom soundtrack.
  • Colorful, chaotic visuals.
  • Survival mode provides a robust challenge.


  • Not a lot of variety in terms of modes, powerups, or enemy types.
  • The strobe flashing is overdone.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Realm of Gaming on 90

PCCall me old fashion, but I don't always demand a stunning narrative or artsy presentation. Sometimes all I ask for is dazzling visuals, effective mechanics, and enough explosions to make a Michael Bay film seems lackadaisical. Toss an intriguing...

By Neoseeker on 80

Last year I took a look at Beat Hazard, an otherwise classic-style arena shmup that works in rhythm to your music collection (more energetic the music is, the more powerful you are, and the more enemies on screen) -- a concept as simple as it is...

By IGN Gear on 76

Beat Hazard is a short and sweet ten-dollar investment that is given solid longevity as long as you like the tunes in your music library. There’s a two-player co-op and adversarial mode to go along with online leaderboards, all of which add some...

By Gamervision on 68

When Audiosurf cruised onto Steam in 2008, it became a quick hit among PC gamers and music enthusiasts alike. The gameplay, while simple, was endlessly addictive thanks to the ability to import music tracks and create levels using data taken from...

By AtomicGamer on 80

I'm a sucker for any game that can integrate music into how it actually plays. Rez? Definitely. Every beat-matching music game from Frequency to Rock Band and Activision's Hero games? Played every single one of them - well, except that 80s one a...

By GameSpot on 70

This dual-stick shooter gives you a fun new way to listen to your favorite bands....

By Tech Olive on 80

Always a sucker for a good indie game, I had to give Beat Hazard a try. Not only because of its indie roots, but also because it takes a lot of inspiration from Audiosurf‘s winning recipe. Between epileptic seizures of my own, I decided to write a...

By Neoseeker on

Beat Hazard is a shoot-em-up fueled by music. The game launched late last year on Xbox LIVE Arcade, but managed to slip under our radar (why didn't you tell us!). Anyway, it's on PC now, so we gave it a shot. The premise and design of the game...

International Review By on 80

Beat Hazard ist ein launiges (Musik)Spiel für Zwischendurch - optimal um ein 1-2 Stunden abzuschalten. Wer es noch unterhaltsamer möchte, der greift zum Mehrspielermodus und ballert mit einem guten Freund um die Wette. Trotz einiger...