Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2

  • Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2
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  • Great stealth.
  • Fun crossbow.
  • Strong conclusion.


  • Annoying fetch quests.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PCAdvisor on 80

BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea - Episode 2 gets a bit carried away with itself in terms of narrative, but the new stealth options are a beautiful addition. This is incredibly ambitious as far as DLC goes, and while it might not quite reach the heights of the original game it certainly ends the series as we know it on a relatively high note.

By PC Advisor on 80

After seven years of questions, seven years of mystery, seven years of building some of videogames' most iconic worlds, it all comes to an end. The BioShock series will inevitably continue in some form from another studio, but its original creators have...

By Absolute Gadget on 80

GamesPublished on April 3rd, 2014 | by Sam Bridgett0Review: BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2Review: BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 Sam BridgettGraphics - 80%Sound - 82%Gameplay - 78%Summary: A fitting end to the...

By Gaming Nexus on 80

BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 2, for the most part, is a fitting end to the entire series. It brings everything full circle and connects the first game with the third game. Playing as Elizabeth, you're forced to be more patient in going through...

By on 80

And so we bid farewell to Bioshock Infinite, and in doing so, farewell to Irrational Games. While the news of Irrational's breakup came as something of a surprise, the same can't be said of founder Ken Levine's desire to move away from the type of...

By GameSpot on 80

BioShock Infinite's conclusion left my mouth agape, but its narrative puzzles weren't impenetrable. Burial at Sea's finale, however, isn't so up front about its meaning. And so I have begun another playthrough, seeking clarity while muddling through on a difficulty setting that allows me access only to nonlethal weapons.

By PCGamer on 80

As Irrational's final work, Episode 2 is a fitting epitaph; both in its ability to offer a fresh perspective on the series, and in the way it obsesses over past triumphs.

By EuroGamer on 80

Impressively crafted and polished, it's a fitting end to Irrational's body of work. The story of BioShock might belong to Ken Levine and Irrational Games rather than to its players - but it's a story that's been well worth telling.

By StrategyInformer on 95

It's better than Episode 1, and despite being "just" DLC is still one of the best games I've played in a while (better than Thief for sure). If you're a fan of Bioshock you'll be crying by the end, simply because it's over. You'll be shocked at how great it all was.

By God is a Geek on 90

Part Two of Burial at Sea delivers on the promise set out in Part One, and is a fitting close to BioShock Infinite in general. It’s become cool to hate on Infinite in recent times, but bandwagons be damned, this is a fantastic piece of content, if a little pricey.

International Review By on

Avec le tout dernier DLC Burial At Sea Episode 2, Bioshock Infinite conclu définitivement la trilogie d'Irrational Games. Après un premier épisode plutôt moyen, cette dernière partie a la lourde tâche de boucler l'univers Bioshock.Si Booker, Ryan,...

International Review By on 90

Toen duidelijk werd dat we in deze uitbreiding in de huid zouden kruipen van Elizabeth, vroegen we ons af welke invloed dit zou hebben op de game. Oorlogsveteraan Booker schiet er lekker op los terwijl hij zijn Skyhook in het achterhoofd van een vijand...

International Review By on

Episode 2 Burial at Sea Episode Two ist ein mehr als gelungener Singleplayer-DLC geworden. Die dichte Atmosphäre und der Gameplaywechsel von Action auf Stealth ist vor allem für eingefleischte BioShock-Fans eine erfrischende Änderung. Auch das tolle Ende...

International Review By on 88

Burial at Sea Episode 2 feels very much like a send-off for the Rapture and Columbia eras of BioShock – a carefully crafted, appropriately mind-bending sendoff. If this is indeed the end, it's been a hell of a ride from the bottom of the ocean up to the...