Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
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  • Great combat.
  • A lot of Blood and Gore.
  • Great Multiplayer.


  • Terrible archers.
  • A few bugs at launch.

Expert reviews and ratings

By EuroGamer on 80

This is about men hitting each other with swords, and the hitting part works great. Chivalry is a simple pleasure, and a funny game indeed. Question is, are you sure your ready for war?

By StrategyPrime on 80

One could almost say that they fall in love with their games and woe them for a long time, in the spirit of medieval courtly love. And Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is definitely worthy of your attention, perhaps even some of that galant courtly love.

By Destructoid on 85

The similarities are superficial, though. The difference in perspective, pace, and customization means that they can both be enjoyed for different reasons in the same way that people seem to be capable of enjoying both Battlefield and Call of Duty. When it comes down to the grisly joy of killing, however, Chivalry does edge ahead.

By IGN on 79

Though the lack of complexity sometimes works both for and against it, getting caught up in the flow of battle yields many hours of man-stabbing amusement. Like its competition, Chivalry hasn't quite perfected the formula for medieval warfare, but it's a violent, fun time nonetheless.

By New Game Network on 74

Serious lack of polish aside, Chivalry offers up some of the deepest and most satisfying melee combat around, and with some patches this could be one of the best competitive multiplayer games of the...

By GameTrailers on 86

Straightforward in approach yet exceedingly effective in delivery, it elevates the notion of melee combat past a last ditch combat maneuver and into a realm of medieval, multiplayer bliss.

By AUSGamers on 90

I’ve honestly not had this much competitive online joy since Battlefield 3, and to think a $25 indie title can provide a level of enjoyment up there with a $100 million game like Battlefield is testimony to the skill of the developer. This might be the first commercial release from Torn Banner but it will definitely not be their last.

By Elder-Geek on 80

The delayed swings combined with the twitch-based melee might be a turnoff for many. But, if you’ve got a bloodlust that can’t be satisfied with other titles, Chivalry will probably do the trick especially at its budget price. There are few games on the market that are more brutal.

International Review By on

Как можно видеть, для создания хорошей игры не нужен многомиллионный бюджет и огромное количество человек, да, здесь есть недоработки и мелкие баги, а на серверах, где более 32 человек, игра начинает тормозить на большинстве конфигураций, но геймплей...