City Life: Edition 2008

  • City Life: Edition 2008
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  • Most complete version of City Life, Innovative socioeconomic classes adds spice to your city planning.
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  • Not nearly enough new features for even a standalone expansion pack, "New" campaign and scenarios retread old ground.
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Expert reviews and ratings

By Cheat Code Central on 80

For years, SimCity has languished atop its mighty throne as the master of the universe of city creating simulations. Will Wright's goliath runaway franchise had little competition until Monte Cristo's City Life gave it a run for its money in...

By GamePyre on

While not perfect, this game does have a lot to offer when it comes to a city building game. While the graphics are not as sharp as Sim City Societies, City Life 2008 Edition offers a lot more to the gameplay. Because of the ability to angle streets...

By 1Up on 56

City Life: 2008 Edition may be the most recent version of the innovative social-engineering sim from 2006, but beyond the new date stamped on the box cover, there's not much reason for City Life vets to pick up this expansion. The biggest new draw...

By GameZone on 70

7This edition of City Life is a good city simulation and it compares well to the Sim City series. The content is solid and the gameplay fun, and the inclusion of social strategy planning is innovative. However, for an expansion, there isn’t a...

By IT Reviews on

Life in this particular city is rather humdrum, were afraid, and owners of previous versions of the game will find new content rather thin on the pavement. Ascaron - City Life 2008 price Buy City Life 2008 securely online at a bargain price £19.99...

By Yet Another Review Site on 80

When looking at a game like City Life, you sit there trying to think of ways not to mention Sim City in the review. Damn.Anyway, what we have with City Life 2008 is a city building Sim in a similar vein to Sim City...sod it. Like Sim City (oh for Gods...

By GadgetSpeak on 72

Let me take you back nearly 20 years. It was in 1989 that Will Wright developed a title that helped introduce Maxis to the computer gaming community. This title was , the forerunner of numerous other Sim offerings that took over numerous hours of...

By GameSpot on 50

The latest addition to this family of innovative city-building games leaves you wanting more, mostly because it offers so little that is new....

By on 80


By ImpulseGamer on 86

James WrightClassification: G8.6The latest sim city builder game has arrived on PC that takes the original premise of the original game and moves it to the next level with a plethora of new buildings and maps to help unleash the hidden muse in all of...

By Games Radar on 70

The original City Life distinguished itself from other town management games with its class structure. From the Have-nots to the Elites, each neighbourhood had to be delicately balanced, keeping the rich and the poor apart to prevent social unrest,...

International Review By Gamers Globe on 70

Det er tid til at bygge en ny by op fra bunden, men er SimCity stadig at foretrække som bygmester?Der var en gang, hvor SimCity var det ultimative simulationsspil. Opskriften var enkel: Byg en by og byg den større! Men udførelsen var slet...

International Review By GamePlayer on 60

Att göra ett strategispel där det är högst nödvändigt att ha koll på en miljon olika typer av statistik kräver ett gränssnitt med god eftertanke och tydlighet. Sim City 4 är ett bra exempel på...