• Confrontation
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  • Some interesting ideas in combining of action RPG and RTS elements.
  • Draws from some really good gaming inspirations.
  • Involving tactical combat.


  • Terrible pathfinding.
  • Tons of technical issues.

Expert reviews and ratings

By GameSpy on 20

I'm not entirely sure what to call Confrontation. Stuck somewhere between action-roleplaying and strategy game, it's too slow-paced to be called an action game, to shallow to be called a strategy, and lacks the emotional engagement of an RPG. It...

By NZGamer on

Writing video game reviews can be a frustrating business. Every writer relishes the occasion when an absolute cracker lands on their desk; those reviews practically write themselves. When a solid, well thought out title makes it way onto the market,...

By Gaming Nexus on 46

When I was kid there were no tanks or aggro or crowd-control specialists or any of that other new-fangled RPG stuff the kids have nowadays. You were a fighter, thief, magic-user or cleric, the way Gygax intended it.Well, times have changed and there...

By Destructoid on 50

This is one of those games that I can promise isn't what you think it is. Confrontation looks like a Diablo style hack-n-slash title, or maybe it's a little bit like Dungeon Siege. Nope, get those ideas out of your head. Stop thinking "role-playing...

By GameSpot on 50

Carolyn uses her wits to overcome her enemies in this video review for...

By GamingShogun on

Over the years I have played a lot of RPGs and that is putting it pretty mildly. Some turn-based, some realtime, some hack and slash, some requiring quite a bit of tactical strategy. I have learned to love all kinds of different RPGs and found that...

International Review By Netzwelt on

Es müssen nicht immer gewaltige Massenschlachten sein: Im Rollenspiel-Strategie-Mix "Confrontation" zetteln die französischen Entwickler Cyanide getreu der TableTop-Vorlage kleine taktische Scharmützel an, in denen allein das Jonglieren mit den...

International Review By on 68

Die PC-Adaption ist kein Brettspiel mit Figuren, sondern ein mutiger Mix aus Taktik- und Rollenspielelementen aus Diablo-Sicht....

International Review By GameElite on 30

Figurrollspelet Confrontation tar steget från att vara ett brädspel in i den digitala världen. Thomas har testat spelet och har svaret på om steget varit lyckosamt. Såvitt jag förstått det startade Confrontation som ett osedvanligt engagerande och...

International Review By on

Die Hintergrundgeschichte ist derart wirr, dass man schon beim Intro ungläubig den Kopf schüttelt. In wenigen Worten zusammengefasst: Vier Fraktionen - fromme Templer, irre Alchemisten, plumpe Orks und ein blutdurstiges Wolfsvolk - streiten sich...

International Review By PCMweb on 40

Confrontation is een strategische rpg gebaseerd op het gelijknamige fantasy-bordspel dat vooral in Frankrijk bekend is. Ontwikkelaar Cyanide heeft geprobeerd dit bordspel om te zetten naar een onderhoudende rpg die dicht bij zijn roots...

International Review By on

Édité par Focus Home Interactive, Confrontation est un jeu de rôle aux forts accents tactiques développé par Cyanide Studio. Adaptation d'un jeu de plateau, les idées sur le papier sont plutôt alléchantes, tout comme les premières vidéos qui ont circulé....

International Review By Gamereactor on 40

Figurspelet Confrontation tar steget till den digitala världen. I form av ett strategirollspel i samma anda som Baldur's Gate dessutom. Viktor har...

International Review By GameCaptain on 64

mag für Fans der Vorlage und damit Kenner des Universums interessant sein – diese können ein paar Punkte zur Wertung addieren. Ich persönlich bin mit den Charakteren und der Atmosphäre aber nicht wirklich warm geworden, was vor allem am Fehlen...