Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason

  • Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason
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  • Brilliant story brings the lucid and nightmarish story telling of Lovecraft and Carpenter to the video gaming arena, Wonderful graphics which are cursed with a double edged sword, A very, very chilling atmosphere that will get to you on more than one occa


  • The worst performance in 2009 goes to Cryostasis. I hope your rig has at least an 8600GT or a Radeon 4650 or it will not run well at all, Poor sound effects in most categories except for voice acting, Dull, clumsy, rage inducing combat that is not fluid o

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By Gameplay Monthly on 58

GraphicsLets get the most popular subject out of the way: Cryostasis was released to critical panning and flak because of its graphics engine, named AtmosFear 2.0, providing some of the worst optimization in the industry for 2009. This is the truth...

By Gaming Nexus on 62

In the beginning of Cyrostatis, you start out listening to a story being told to you by the narrator,relayed through notes scattered around a dead body in the snow. You will come across more notes like these later on in the game. The story behind...

By BrightHub on 80

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By Games Radar on 40

The freezing environments in which you spend the duration of Cryostasis are a peculiarly useful metaphor for the creaking, glacial game itself. On a marooned Russian nuclear ice breaker, meteorologist Alexander Nesterov must discover how this enormous...