Deep Black: Reloaded

  • Deep Black: Reloaded
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  • Some nice visual touches.
  • Impressive water effects.
  • Cool undersea gadgets.


  • Dull story.
  • Broken cover system.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Gaming Nexus on 38

I hate to pigeonhole Biart, but this independent Russian developer definitely has a type. In the past few years they have announced Fish & Reefs, Reef Aquarium and Underwater Wars. It's clear that this is a company as in love with water-based games...

By NZGamer on

I'm always up for seeing new things in gaming, especially when it comes to the tired genre that is the third person shooter. So I was intrigued when the download code for Deep Black: Reloaded showed up in my inbox. It's about time, I thought, for a...

By Gamers Daily News on 50

When I first heard about Deep Black: Reloaded, I looked at the trailer and thought to myself, "Hey, this looks like a great mix of game styles!” Honestly, I think the trailer ended up raising the expectations a little too high. I really wanted to...

By on

As said earlier, the setting is great. If the story was fleshed out more, Deep Black would've actually been stronger and closer to being on par with the hardcore games. Yes, Biart does admit that this game is more of an arcade shooter and asked that it...

By GameSpot on 30

A few decades from now, or so goes the story in Deep Black: Reloaded, the various nations of the world will have formed alliances so that they can more effectively wage war against one another. In that grim future, a retired soldier named Pierce...

By Neoseeker on 40

I'd never heard of Biart, but when the opportunity came along to try out their sometimes underwater multiplatform shooter Deep Black: Reloaded, I said, 'Why not?' Sadly, most of this review will be spent answering that question. Gameplay It sounds...

By GameSpy on 30

Behold the debut of a new genre: the aquatic third-person shooter! In Deep Black: Reloaded, the hook is that in addition to traditional take-cover-and-shoot-bad-guys action, you'll also spend a significant amount of time taking cover and shooting bad...

International Review By GamingXP on 63

gibt's auf der nächsten Seite. KOMMENTAREBisher noch keine Kommentare.E-Mail-Adresse: KOMMENTAR SCHREIBENAls angemeldeter Benutzer müssen Sie zum Kommentieren Benutzername, E-Mail-Adresse und Captcha nicht eingeben - hier geht's zur ...

International Review By on

Czy zastanawialiście się kiedyś, dlaczego w grach woda zwykle odgrywa mało znaczącą rolę? W większości produkcji ciecze to po prostu przezroczysta tekstura pozbawiona właściwości, jakie posiada w prawdziwym świecie. A przecież można by to wykorzystać w...

International Review By Gamereactor on 20

Oskar har gjort en djupdykning ned i den ultimata versionen av ett av förra årets mest unika actionspel. Väl på botten hittade han något som både luktade, lät och såg illa ut. Det här är hans...

International Review By Evilgamerz on 50

Het gebeurt nog wel eens dat benamingen van games verwarrend kunnen zijn. Zo hebben we de verschillende nummeringen van de Final Fantasy games, doordat sommige games in Europa niet zijn uitgekomen. Ook de geweldige vervolgen op een Final Fantasy 10 en...